Give the gift of you during lockdown

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Give the gift of you during lockdown

Published at 10:08am 29th April 2020. (Updated at 4:16pm 30th April 2020)

It could be said that we are fortunate to be living through this lockdown in the age of Facetime and Zoom.

But if you find video conferencing to be no substitute for getting a tight squeeze from a loved one, perhaps you need to send them ... erm, yourself.

The internet has brought us no shortage of strange and wonderful things but the latest we've spotted online is Snugzy.

And we cannot decide if these would be terrifically comforting in these times of isolation - but it would certainly raise a smile.


UK-based company Snugzy is inviting us to create our own ‘mini-me’ to send to the friends and relatives who miss us most.

For £29.99 + P&P they’ll print your face onto an 18” cuddly doll.

Once you have uploaded your likeness you simply choose a body design to match.





You can adorn yourself in a uniform, turn into a unicorn, become Donald Trump or even dress yourself in the replica kit of your favourite football team, so long as that team is West Ham United or Bristol Rovers (we’ll assume this range will be expanded in time).

See all the designs at



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