Eastenders and Star Wars: Here are the best backgrounds for your video chats

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Eastenders and Star Wars: Here are the best backgrounds for your video chats

Published at 4:38pm 19th May 2020.

Many of us are finding ourselves making video calls to friends, loved ones and work colleagues more than we ever imagined.

And while it can be nice to catch up or work without leaving the house, sometimes we don't want to be showing off how messy our homes are.

Or maybe you want to just impress your mates with a cool virtual green screen.

Whatever your motivation, we've compiled a list of our favourite backgrounds for your video chats - whether that's in Zoom, Teams or anything else that can accept a replacement image.

Star Wars

The official Star Wars website released a huge number of images from the films. So you can send a transmission from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon or within the Death Star.

You can download them here


Star Wars


The Simpsons

Fancy sitting on the famous Simpson family couch? Well now you can, sort of.

Fox tweeted out a number of slides from the show that you can have behind you.



"From a real-life Balian treehouse to a calming oceanfront cottage in Havana, this sampling of places to stay on Airbnb comes with stellar views to virtually transport you to wherever you want to go," says the airbnb site which has 10 stunners up for grabs, for free.

Find out more here.



Disney parks

You can add some Disney magic to your backgrounds with a selection of images from their parks.

Whether it's the classic castle or something new from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - there's a good number to choose from.

Head to Disney Parks blog here to download



The Walking Dead

For fans of the show, why not replace your dull walls with the sights of Alexandria or a deserted highway to Atlanta?

Bosses tweeted out three images here:


Toy Story and other Pixar films

Want to be sat in front of Andy’s room in Toy Story or the super mansion of Incredibles 2?

Pixar have got you covered with a big selection from films including Cars and Finding Nemo.

See them here



American Idol

If you really like the US version of the singing talent show, then you could always set your background to the iconic set and judging desk.


And finally...

BBC TV sets

The Beeb has done an amazing job of offering up high-res versions of stills from a huge number of its shows - from Hancock's Half Hour in 1961 up to more modern productions of Eastenders, Doctor Who, Top of The Pops, Strictly Come Dancing, Match Of The Day and more. Oh, and don't forget the Only Fools set...

You can download them here

BBC Sets

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