Grow from your kitchen

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Grow from your kitchen

Published at 5:01pm 8th April 2020.

Not everybody has a garden, and even if you do, you may want to start a bit smaller rather than creating beds or hacking at your soil. So why not grow from your kitchen? 

You don’t need to go and buy plants as you can use leftover food – see our previous post


Why ? 

You spend loads of time there 

Plants give off healthy and calming effects  
They can give some inspiration in your recipes 

Where ? 

A sunny windowsill is best as most plants need a good amount of light. 
Containers need to be at least 15cm across for say basil, while a couple of beans, or a handful of carrots would each suit a 25cm pot. Choose the deepest pots you can. 


strawberry plant



Which plants can you grow?

There's a variety of different plants you can have a go at growing. Some of the more common ones are:

Tomato and Cherry Tomato 
Pepper and Chili 
Lemon seeds 
Apple seeds 
Orange seeds 


How to plant? 

Put some stones at the bottom of your pot to help drainage. Add compost, firm it down & add water so that it is moist 


plant soil pot



Water often, but don't overwater – that can kill plants too. Test if you've got it right by poking a finger into the compost. If it's slightly moist just below the surface, that's just right! 
If you really want them to grow add a plant food to give them a boost of nutrients once a fortnight 




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