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Published at 9:18am 14th April 2020.

It can seem like quite the chore, so why do we weed? 
Well, the main reason, other than making the place look tidy, is that weeds can steal light, nutrients and space from the plants you want to keep. Weeding can seem like a thankless task and if they've taken over, it can seem daunting. However once you get them under control the job is far easier!
You can weed with a hoe, hand or fork and is best on a dry day with light wind. To be effective you’ll need to get right down to the root of the weed. 



Here are some common weeds:


  • Bindweed 
  • Couch Grass 
  • Dandelion 
  • Dock 
  • Creeping Thistle 
  • Shepherds Purse 
  • Creeping Buttercup 
  • Ground Elder 
  • Cleavers 
  • Enchanter’s nightshade 
  • Herb Robert 
  • Nettles 
  • Common Chickweed

Another effective way to keep those weeds away in Spring is to put down mulch such as wood chippings or black plastic sheeting to starve the weeds of sunlight and water.

If you are using bark or chippings you’ll need to 2-3 inches of it, to really smother those troublesome weeds.  



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