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7 Top tips for pruning your plants

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7 Top tips for pruning your plants

Published at 1:52pm 21st April 2020.

Looking after plants can be difficult, one minute they look fine, the next they've either become a mass of sticks and yellow leaves, or have grown wildly out of control.

It's often a bit of a juggling act trying to get your plants just as you want them. Sometimes they just need a trim.


In April it’s all about gentle pruning to tidy up and get rid of older stems around the garden. Pruning is an easy job but if you get too carried away hacking at whole plants, you might end up losing colour and flowers later in the season. 

Here are our seven top pruning tips!


Tips for pruning:

    • Prune shrubs to control growth, improve shape and get rid of straggly bits 
    • Plants need space, so cut a few older stems off of plants to allow air circulation.
    • Remove faded flowers and straggly stems from plants that have flowered such as Clematis
    • Cut back dog wood & willow as this will allow for new shoots that will provide colour in winter 
    • If your plants flower in July, prune now to promote growth e.g. Fucias 
    • Prune last year’s growth to just two or three buds above healthy thick stems to provide a good framework for the new growth 
    • If you've got hedges such as Buxus, Privet, Leylandii, now's a good time to trim them back 
pruning roses


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