Household plants for self-isolation

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Household plants for self-isolation

Published at 1:00pm 28th April 2020.

What plants would you like to self-isolate with? There's plenty out there to choose from, but what makes them the perfect isolation companion?

This is the question we asked ourselves, and we've boiled it down to our top three. Each with their own unique attribute.



Lavender –

This plant has a great smell, it's a neat addition in the bathroom (not just to cover odours) and it can be used in cooking too! 
Why not try these cooking ideas:-

  • Immerse a few dried lavender buds in a jar of sugar to give it a sweet aroma. Use the sugar for baking and in desserts. 
  • Chop the fresh buds and add to a cake batter before baking 
  • Sprinkle fresh lavender on a salad as a garnish 
  • Use fresh lavender to infuse teas & cocktails 
  • Use chopped buds and leaves to flavour roasts





Begonia Rex – 

This leafy plant is ideal for bringing some beautiful colours into the house. The leaves can also form striking shapes with silver markings.  
There are also multiple varieties which you could dot around the house. 


begonia rex



Lambs Ear – 

A plant that's great for growing with kids. Lamb’s ear is beautiful to touch and the foliage is also similar in shape to that of a real lamb’s ears, hence its name.  
In addition to enjoying its attractive, fuzzy foliage, the leaves can be used as a plaster of sorts for healing wounds and in helping painful bee stings. 


lambs ear



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