Human testing for the Coronavirus Vaccine has begun

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Human testing for the Coronavirus Vaccine has begun

Published at 11:50am 20th March 2020.

On the 17th of March, human trials began in Seattle for the new Coronavirus vaccine.

Jennifer Haller, 43, was the first participant the receive the trial vaccine at the Kaiser Permanente Washing Research Institute in Seattle.

“We all feel so helpless. This is an amazing opportunity for me to do something,” Haller told the Associated Press.

Four participants in total will receive two does of the vaccine, planned to be administered again after a month.

The study has 45 people in total lined us as volunteers, who are expected to participate with the trial in the coming months.

This new study has been launched in record speed, however experts predict that even if the trial is successful, the vaccine won’t be available for widespread use for 12 to 18 months.

This news comes as over 200,000 people are confirmed to have Coronavirus worldwide.

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