Coronavirus symptom breakdown

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Coronavirus symptom breakdown

Published at 11:54am 20th March 2020.

Please bear in mind that these are not the same for everyone but are based on studies from a range of sources, including Wuhan hospitals.

The following is a breakdown of how symptoms progress over time.

Day 1: Patients can experience a fever and may also experience fatigue, muscle pain and a dry cough.

Day 5: Patients can have difficulty breathing if they are older or have a pre-existing health condition. Symptoms that can occur two to 14 days after exposure are fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Day 7: Patients showing signs of breathing difficulties tend to be admitted to hospital. Anyone with persistent chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath and bluish lips or face should get medical attention. However, Day 7 is also the point at which, for the vast majority of patients, symptoms start to diminish.

Day 8: Around 15% of patients with severe cases develop signs of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at this point, where the lungs can’t provide the body’s vital organs with enough oxygen.

Day 10: If breathing problems worsen, patients tend to be entered into an intensive care unit.

Day 12:  According to the first Wuhan study, fever tends to end at around this point. The average fever duration was about 12 days, while a cough associated with the illness may stay around longer. In survivors of the disease, breathing difficulties would cease after about 13 days, with studies showed the average time to death was 18.5 days.

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