Netflix Strain

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Netflix Strain

Published at 12:00pm 20th March 2020.

Netflix have announced that they will be reducing stream quality for 30 days to ease the pressure on bandwidth usage with more people turning to streaming services for in-home entertainment during the coronavirus outbreak.

Overall, people are unlikely to notice much of a difference, but by doing this, it ensures everyone can still watch shows without any major disruption.

As of writing, Amazon have not announced any changes, but it’s likely they will reduce the availability of HD/4K content to help internet providers.

Disney are also due to launch Disney+ in the UK on March 24th, so it will be interesting to see how they cope with a large number of new users.


Gamers have also been putting a strain on networks with both Xbox Live and Nintendo Online suffering some outages this past week, with Nintendo Online being unavailable for nearly nine hours on Tuesday.

Mobile providers have also suffered from outages as people begin working from home and rely more on mobile networks.

However, all companies have been putting everything into ensuring all services run a smoothly as possible, with little disruption. As the weeks go on, companies will have undoubtedly upgraded their systems to ensure the worlds various networks can handle the strain.

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