9 reasons to be positive about Coronavirus developments

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9 reasons to be positive about Coronavirus developments

Published at 9:21pm 23rd March 2020. (Updated at 9:26pm 23rd March 2020)


As the PM tells us to stay home, we could all do with a bit of a lift.

Thankfully, our friends at The Good News Network are on hand to lift our spirits.

They've offered up a list of 9 reasons "why the global situation is not as bad as the mainstream media might have you think".

Here we're sharing a handful of our favourites. 

You can read Kinley Corbley's full article here.

1. The man who predicted Covid-19 trends says we're going to be fine

Biophysicist Michael Levitt says "as long as countries continue to practice safe self-isolation measures, the numbers show that they are already beginning to experience slow signs of improvement".
Thankfully Boris has just introduced new rules to help us....

2. There are lots of vaccines in development

World Health Organisation representatives say they are working with scientists around the world to test and develop 20 different vaccines.
We only need one to work, right?

3. We're finding new ways of entertaining ourselves

Whether it's singing from balconies, families spending more quality time together or discovering new books through free offerings from Audible, there's some good coming from the restrictions.
We mentioned free books, right? And games. And more.

4. 100,000 people have already recovered

As well as being a huge number to successfully fight the virus, there's also people aged 90 who are beating it,
And as China recovers, it suggests there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There are 5 more reasons to stay positive.

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