Newquay mum launches brand to bring awareness to those shielding

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Newquay mum launches brand to bring awareness to those shielding

Published at 6:43pm 3rd June 2020. (Updated at 6:45pm 3rd June 2020)

Newquay mum, Nina Peters, has created a community interest company and brand, Shield Us, to help those who have been shielding be able to leave their houses with less anxiety. 

Over 2 million people are currently shielding from coronavirus, by not leaving their houses at all, under the direction of the government. 

The government have recently released guidelines relaxing the rules, advising those shielding "can now leave their home if they wish, as long as they are able to maintain strict social distancing. If you choose to spend time outdoors, this can be with members of your own household. If you live alone, you can spend time outdoors with one person from another household”.

For those who were shielding, going outside again can be both imperative to their mental health and yet also a really anxious thought. To combat this, Nina, inspired by the TFL 'baby on board' badges, has created her own version for shielders.

Nina was also inspired by two of her children, who have a lung disease, and have been shielding. Her son Ralph, 8, felt especially anxious leaving the house again, but has had loads of input with the project which has helped boost his confidence. 

Ralph has also helped pick the distinctive logo which Nina hopes everyone in the community will soon recognise.

Another reason for an identifying symbol is that often, the reason people are having to shield is invisible. Thousands of the two million shielding are children, or look healthy, and yet they're the most vulnerable to the virus. A little extra understanding with a Shield Us identifier could make a huge difference to many lives.

Nina reiterates 'this badge is not to label people as different, it's just to be aware that illnesses can be invisible and we need to be extra careful'.

Pin badges and vinyl car stickers featuring the logo will soon be available, but the plan is to add more items such as shopping bags, face masks and t-shirts soon too. 

The proceeds from everything that's sold will go to the British Lung Foundation, as well as other charities chosen by the public on the facebook page.

If you have been shielding and would like to put yourself on the waiting list for one of these items, you can contact Nina directly through her Shield Us facebook page

Nina has also launched a campaign for #ShieldUsSuperheroes to spread the logo far and wide on social media. Find out how to get involved below.


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