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How To Win The Jackpot


Published at 11:20am 7th January 2016. (Updated at 11:23am 7th January 2016)

The biggest ever lotto jackpot in the UK has gone unclaimed, meaning it will roll over to £57.8m on Saturday.

According to Camelot, 70% of UK adults are now playing the lottery, and over six million people win prizes every week - but how can you increase your chances of winning that jackpot?

You may remember Peter Congdon as pictured above, who scooped up 13 million pounds in a quadruple rollover back in May 2015.

The Truro City Councillor was a regular lottery player and stated that he always used the same numbers, which were a mixture of birthdays, anniversaries and lucky numbers. Three different people actually predicted that he would be lucky on the day of the draw and of course he was.

Be Positive

Previous winners have stated that they had an inkling that they would win, or remained positive until those numbers got called out. So remember to remain hopeful and your good energy may make all of the difference.

You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

The first method to beat the system is to simply buy more tickets. Playing regularly will boost your chances of winning, while buying multiple tickets will give you a better chance of winning that life changing jackpot.

Forget Anniversaries

Many people when playing the lotto will sway towards picking sentimental numbers, such as birthdays or anniversaries. This could be a bad move, most expert lottery players will play with numbers over 31. This won’t necessarily increase your chances of winning but it may increase your overall win.

Pick Number 13

13 isn’t really an unlucky number is it? Well, studies show that the number 13 is the least drawn number since lotto began back in 1994. Who says that 13 won’t show up soon?

Create A Lottery Syndicate

Your friends, family and colleagues may be interested in setting up a lottery syndicate. If you all contribute a certain amount towards the lottery each week, this can certainly increase your chances of winning. Most of the major lottery jackpots have been won by syndicates buying tickets in bulk, could this be your path to success?

Change Your Name To Margaret or John

Changing your name to Margeret or John could be option for hitting that almighty top prize. Lottery operators Camelot state that these are the most popular winner’s names in the lottery and could make all of the difference…

Become A Magician

Feel you’re out of luck? Perhaps it’s time to become a magician. In 2009 Derren Brown the illusionist claimed that he was able to predict the lottery numbers which was revealed live on TV. To this day no one knows how he made this possible – is it time to change profession?

Buy Your Ticket At The Right Time

Many believe that the time you buy your ticket is a significant part of winning the jackpot. Camelot stated that an astonishing 200 tickets were bought every second from an hour before last night’s draw. Although this is not a weekly occurrence, statistics show that jackpot winners generally pick up their tickets on Friday evening.

Sadly, even if you follow every one of these steps, your chances of winning the jackpot are still extremely low but we still wish you the best of luck.

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