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VIDEO: Cornwall Navy Ship Joins Search For Missing Plane

RFA Mounts Bay is heading for the area where MS804 dropped off the radar

VIDEO: Parents Who Battled Infertility Share Their Adoption News The Best Way Possible

Watch the touching moment as parents greet their family members with a very special surprise

VIDEO: Can Spot The 11 Risks To This Baby In 5 Seconds?

This normal living room may not be all it seems - there's eleven dangers to be spotted

VIDEO: This Baby Is About To See His Mum For The First Time

This heart warming moment has already gained over 1 million views

child - canifoster

VIDEO: Would You Stop To Help A Child Alone In A Shopping Centre?

See what happens when two youngsters stand in a busy mall for 8 hours


Storm Jonas and The Snow Diving Trend

Watch the new snow diving trend, as people dive head first into blankets of snow.

Leslie Neilsen

Leslie Nielsen Dies - Again

Leslie Nielsen died in November 2010, but many Twitter users were led to believe this was recent news

Diana meets Charlotte

Diana Meets Granddaughter

But is photoshopped picture moving - or a bit creepy?

parking note

What This Stranger Did Restores Our Faith In Humanity...

A mum finds a note on her car after spending days in hospital with her baby

Barack Obama

VIDEO: Barack Obama Gets His Own Twitter Account

The President's first post gets more than 55 thousand re-tweets

Sea level warning as scientists find larger part of massive Totten Glacier floating

Sea level warning as scientists find larger part of massive Totten Glacier floating

A glacier larger than Spain could raise sea levels dramatically after scientists found more of it is being melted by seawater than previously thought.

Briton guilty over 'pornographic' pics in Cambodia

Briton guilty over 'pornographic' pics in Cambodia

A British man arrested at a Cambodian pool party has been convicted of posting "pornographic" photos.

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