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Courageous Cat's 'Great Escape'

A cat survives jumping two floors from burning flats

Most Hated Baby Names

Survey reveals names other parents hate

Woozy Lad Becomes Viral Sensation

Little boy waking up after operation is still a little woozy...

Lip Synch Proposal

Is this Bruno Mars inspired proposal the most romantic ever?


Tot Falls Asleep Learning to Ski

A tiring day on the slopes for one little boy



Finnish President's husband becomes internet sensation after admiring Princess's jewels...


'Woolly Mammoth' Video Surfaces

Is this proof the giant beasts never became extinct?

Most read
'I'll catch you, honey!': Girl caught after falling from New York theme park ride

'I'll catch you, honey!': Girl caught after falling from New York theme park ride

Dramatic footage shows the moment a teenage girl fell from a theme park ride and plunged 25ft before being caught by onlookers who had gathered to help.

'Powerful' cyberattack on Ukraine goes global

'Powerful' cyberattack on Ukraine goes global

A "powerful" cyberattack that started in Ukraine has spread across the world, hitting banks, government IT systems and energy firms.

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