Flying Home for Christmas Winners


Pirate FM and Newquay Airport have made Christmas extra-special for one lucky family in Cornwall! 

We flew Cory Duggan all the way back from New Zealand, to spend the festivities with his family in Wadebridge!


Newquay Airport

Cory's daughter Melodie, and son Tyler sent in the nomination, and were joined by their Mum Becky and Nanny Sue as we revealed Cory live on air, at Newquay Airport.

Orginally from New Zealand, Cory and Becky met here and Melodie was born. They then decided to move to New Zealand and settle down in a new home. This is where they had Tyler 8 years ago.

However, Becky found it hard to settle in the new country, and was extremely homesick for Cornwall. She made the hard decision to come back home, settling in Wadebridge with the children.

However, it wasn't possible for Cory to return back with them - and although they have been apart for 8 years, Cory regularly keeps in contact with them both on the phone.

In fact, when asked, Tyler even said that he thought that his Daddy lived in the phone.

The family were one of two at the reveal. However, we immediately revealed on-air that the second family was made up of people who work at Pirate FM! The day was all about Cory, Becky, Tyler and Melodie!

Read their nomination:

We would like our Daddy home for Christmas because me and my brother haven't seen him in years, we can't remember him.

My brother was only a little baby when we saw Daddy last and I wasn't even 2 years old.

We only ever speak to him on the phone, we get upset when we talk about him because we love him so much.

This is the only present we want for Christmas. We will keep our fingers and toes crossed that we might get to see Daddy soon :) x