Over 10 percent of UK jobs now in Technology

Technology has accounted for more than 10% of employment in the UK this year, with some of the best jobs being in the tech industry. However, there is a shortage of qualified individuals in the UK.

Many had thought that the UK's decision to leave the European Union would lead to companies delaying recruitment or expansion. However, many companies including Apple, Google, and Facebook, have all decided to either open new offices in London, or expand existing ones.

There has also been an increased demand for artificial intelligence jobs. It is thought that this has come from big companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Goggle investing big money in their artificial intelligence platforms Echo, Cortana and Android.

Many companies including Google have stated that computer science has a great future in the UK with the passion for innovation. However, there is a severe shortage of people with the qualifications to fill the jobs needed. Of Indeed's top 50 most difficult roles to fill, 44% were software and tech developers.

More Investment Needed

It is clear that more investment is needed to train those who want to pursue a career in technology. It isn't clear where the problem lies, however, perhaps more collaboration with the big tech companies might entice students to go into a career in these fields. Although many can be acquired from other countries, it is also important that the UK concentrate on why there are not enough students coming through the system to fill these jobs.

If there continues to be a shortfall, then there is a risk that companies will seek to find their talent elsewhere. An outcome such as this would be bad for the country and the economy, especially in the current situation.

All areas affected

Of course, it isn't just the large enterprises that are looking to fill technology roles; many small firms are also in need of additional staff to help expand and meet demand. With technology evolving and moving into new areas of our lives, there will be even more need for jobs in the future.

Funding could be an issue, because of an increase in tuition fees and a lack of bursaries going to students. There has been a similar problem with nursing students in recent years that has led to a shortage of hospital staff.

Although these roles might seem a world away from the types of job many would apply for, there are always avenues open to those who want to apply. For many people in business, they hire tech-savvy individuals such as those at bestwebhosting.co.uk, to look after their website and IT. With the shortage of technology specialists, the industry is incredibly lucrative meaning you are in high-demand and it’s usually well-paid.

There are many opportunities out there for those that want to go further in their working lives. It doesn't matter where you are or what qualifications you have now if you want to go for a new opportunity, there are ways you can achieve it.