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Since 1992, The Pirate Trust has raised over half a million pounds, supporting causes in our area - and with your help, we've changed people's lives.

The Pirate Trust is Pirate FM's charitable arm, which aims to raise money and support projects, individuals and organisations across Cornwall, Plymouth and West Devon.

Every single penny raised by the trust, stays locally - helping people in our area.

But of course, none of this would be possible without your ongoing support. If you would like to help fundraise for The Pirate Trust, then we'd love to hear from you. 

The Pirate Trust is a registered charity - number 1032096.

Benefitting from the Pirate Trust

These are just some of the people and organisations helped by the Pirate Trust... 

Jamie Kevern

Has received a donation of £565 from the trust towards a hot tub, this form of hot water therapy will be extremely beneficial as a form of relaxing his muscles and contractures. In addition Jamie suffers from hereditary motor sensory complications, Autism and learning difficulties.  The hot tub was possible due to the family contribution and generosity of Cornish Hot Tubs. 

Tegan Thomas

A donation of £350 was given towards a mobile communication device specifically for Tegan who is severely sight impaired.  This will increase her confidence and support her in her educational needs.

Oakleigh House

A donation of £510 for a new washing machine / tumble dryer was given to the sanctuary.  They give respite to mental health service users throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Asthma Relief

To assist Asthma Relief in providing nebulisers and their maintenance throughout Cornwall and West Devon a donation of £500 was awarded.

Cornwall Blood Bikes

A donation of £500 was awarded to Cornwall Blood Bikes to help towards providing ongoing maintenance for their bikes.  They have five bikes which costs in excess of £2500 per month to keep operational.

Stephen Edwards

The Trust provided £364.49 for a new supportive mattress due to Stephen having a degenerative spine disease.  He had been sleeping on a settee.

Tregony Village Hall

A donation of £500 was given towards providing tables that will be used in the hall for a number of community fundraising events.

Ronald Liscombe

Due to having Parkinsons Disease, Ronald needed a walk in shower.  A donation of £500 was awarded by the Trust.

Support the Pirate Trust with your old IT equipment

If you've got old computer and IT equipment, don't just bin it - help the Pirate Trust raise cash!

We've teamed up with Focus Technology Europe in Camborne, who will recycle your equipment for free! Any money they get from the equipment will then come to the Pirate Trust.

Free collection within a 20 mile radius. All data safely and securely removed.

Focus Technology


Focus Technology Europe Ltd
Unit 3 Wheal Agar
Tolvaddon Energy Park
TR14 0HX


0844 815 0950