Reach new customers using your mobile phone


The business world is changing at a rapid pace, and for those businesses that want to keep on top of changing technology in order to reach new customers, it’s vital that you remain aware of the potential benefits of that mobile phone in your pocket. Although the traditional view of business management is board meetings, cubicles and being stuck behind a desk, there are ways that you can use your mobile to grow your client base and reach new potential clients. Follow these easy tips and get the most out of your mobile, get the most out of your business and get those new customers buying your product.


Why the importance of phones?


Understanding why you should make the most of your phone is the first step in making the most of its potentials. There is little doubt regarding the fact that for more and more people the mobile phone is their most used device for going online. People browse websites, google everything and buy products using the computer in their palm, and failing to take that into account could be a key reason why your business is struggling. Look at the way that you personally use your phone online, and you’ll begin to appreciate just why phones have become so important to business.


Can you be seen?


By 2019, the expected number of mobile phone users is expected to reach over 5billion, so that figure alone should be enough to make you sit up and notice of how important they have become. One of the biggest issues that you need to consider is whether your website is mobile-friendly. All too often you have the best branding, the best design, and the most readable content, but visitors using their phone never find that out about you as your site hasn’t been designed with the mobile phone user in mind. The best website building tools offer you options that can optimize your site’s ability to be viewed on a variety of devices, with Adobe Spark and others providing tools that allow mobile phone optimum viewing. You don't want to have attracted a new customer to your site only to lose them because your page doesn’t load properly on an iPhone, or the shopping cart won’t allow input from the latest Samsung.


Social media and your business


Not only is your phone a great tool for getting social media alerts from your Facebook business page, there are a number of other avenues to explore when it comes to capabilities of your mobile. You might decide to live-stream your new product launch, or create an online poll about customer satisfaction, but the options available are there to be used. Those business that maximize their use of technology are often those that overtake their competition, so it is in your best interests to make sure that your company is using the relevant tools that target the maximum number of potential targets from your customer demographic.


It has become a worn-out cliche that we spend too much time staring at our mobile screens, but the reason that has become a cliche is simply that it’s true. It’s no surprise that the convenience and potential benefits of using your mobile can work wonders for your business and could take you to the next stage of your business strategy.

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