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Keep It Short And Snappy

Firstly, you need to make sure that your CV is no longer than two pages – if it is, the recruiter won’t be interested in chunks of text or too much information. You want them to be eager to find out more, and they can when the interview rolls your way.

Be committed to making your CV short and punchy. Stick to the point and avoid waffle as much as possible. It can be distracting, and sometimes not appropriate for the job role that you are applying for.

Keep It Clean 

As for the layout, keep a clean, organised and uncluttered. Make it visual, create a template that look atheistically pleasing to look at. Placing text within boxes can also be a great way to separate your skills, making your CV more interesting to look at.

  • Don’t forget - bullet points make things look easy to read and straight forward.

When it comes down to text, maintain a standard font such as Arial and Times New Roman - this makes things super easy to read. And don’t forget to stick to a standard size font such as 10 or 12.

1.5 or double lined spacing also works a treat, it keeps everything looking neat and ensures that there’s not chunks of text thrown in the recruiter’s face!

Be Memorable

At the top of your CV, make sure that all of your personal information is made clear and accessible at first glance. Place your name at the top, alongside your information – making your name stick out from the rest. So once they put you to the side, they can easily pick your CV up and start dialling your number for that anticipated interview.


So what about the content? Well, you need to start it all off with a personal statement, but not just any old statement – what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Why Are Your Unique? 

Think of the unique ways you could contribute to the company – perhaps you have a special skill or experience that the other candidates wouldn’t have. Make it clear, show your commitment to a project and the benefits of the outcomes - and if you have an online link to show it all off, perfect.

Use Key Words

Add key words into your CV. If your future employer is searching for the perfect candidate online – they’ll be able to find you with the key words scattered throughout your CV. You’ll certainly be standing out from the crowd, and ticking all of the right boxes at first glance.

Tailor It 

If you’re applying for a certain position, you need to tailor your CV to make it fit perfectly for that position.

Make sure all of your content is up to date, and tell the truth. Nothing is more embarrassing than stating you’re profoundly efficient in excel but you can’t face the computer when the time comes!

Before sending over CV, do your research on the business you’re applying for. Have a thorough look at their website, browse through their social media and read any of their relevant literature. You’ll soon get a feel of what values and culture the business shares. You can tailor this into your CV, bound to make it pop. It will soon be filled with relevant information and your potential employer won’t be forgetting you any time soon.

Demonstrate how you have utilised your skills within the workplace or previous experiences. If you state that you’re a team player, prove that you are. It’s also a great addition to include your LinkedIn account, this provides a platform to show off your skills and reveals your professional connections.

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Give your CV the WOW factor!

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