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Get Planning

You’ve received the brilliant news. You’ve bagged the interview – well done! Now it’s time to get your head down and get planning for your dream job.

If you read ‘Give Your CV The WOW Factor’ you would know that tailoring your CV is important. You would have therefore done the appropriate research in the business, but now it’s time to dig a little deeper…

Begin Researching 

Dive into their website and find out all of the little details – because every single one counts. Read relevant literature of the business, stay informed with their latest news and browse through their social media. You’ll soon get a feel of what the business stands for, what values they share and how you can reveal your knowledge and similar values across to the interviewer.

Read The Job Description

Read the job description in depth, read between the lines so you can fully understand the role and what would be expected from you. Write down all of your skills and qualities which fits perfectly within the job role, emphasise your talents and show them off.

Prepare physical evidence of relevant literature or projects that reveals your best qualities. This could be website content, sales figures, artwork or a case study – whatever relevant physical evidence you can present is always going to tick the boxes.

Take along another copy of your CV, so you have something to refer to within the interview.

Question Time

Now you need to anticipate what questions the interviewer is going to ask you. You need to plan and prepare answers accordingly. You will have knowledge of the business’ history, values, culture and aims – plan how you would get your shared values and aims across to them. Also, look upon the ways you can provide evidence that you share the same values. For example, if you are an organised individual, share a situation and explain what actions you took to make the project run smoothly and effectively.

In addition, reveal how you can make a difference to the business – and if you have limited experience, show your passion and enthusiasm for the role.

Social Media

Analyse your social media. With the access to individual’s information online through social media, employers will search online platforms to be aware of your online presence.

Be aware that your social media profiles may be available for the public to access. Therefore, ensure that all information which could be accessible to your potential employer, isn’t information which would change their perception of you.

The interviewer may search for your LinkedIn profile. Keep your profile up to date and professional. The interviewer will be able to view who has recommended you, your connections and it can also be a platform to present your key projects or literature.

Self Care

Self-care is a significant factor with the lead up to an interview. You need to be in a good state of mind, with a fuelled body and a positive outlook.

You’ve planned ahead, anticipated any questions which may arise and you’re good to go. You just need to make it into the interview room!

Firstly, make sure that you get a decent night’s sleep so you’re up with energy to meet and greet. Have yourself a healthy breakfast - porridge is great for slowly releasing energy throughout the day. It’s also important to drink plenty of water in the lead up to an interview, you’ll be hydrated, fully awake and ready to go.


Presentation is fundamental because you need to give a good impression. Begin by arriving at least 10 minutes before your interview, this reveals that you are punctual and want to give the impression you are professional and organised.

In regards to your outfit, simply wear smart and neat clothes. Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable - there’s nothing worse than your button ready to pop when you need to be concentrating on talking!

Beat The Nerves

Don’t worry, because worrying never helps.

To beat the nerves, focus upon your breathing and don’t speak to fast. Wait until you are asked to be seated and once you’re sat down, just be yourself. The more authentic you are, the more approachable and trustworthy you will seem. Also, don’t hide your hands under the table – having your hands upon the table or in sight of the interviewer will give a good impression and also shows signs of honesty.

Listen to what the interviewer is saying to you, when you’re nervous this could distract you and make you less aware of the conversations or questions. Therefore, be mindful of the conversation, answer questions openly and honestly.

You’ve done all of the planning, just be yourself and go ace your interview!

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