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Hi there I’m Hannah, and I’m on the ultimate quest to find the best places to eat in Redruth…

It’s a mission set out by the team at Pirate FM and you can follow my journey as I tour my way around Redruth restaurants, indulge in delicious food, sip upon refreshing drinks and take in the atmosphere. Then I will be sharing my entire experience with you, right here on this very page! 

You may be thinking – Redruth, why pick this location?

It may not seem like there are a lot of food spots to choose from but in fact, there are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Let’s put Redruth on the map for a great night out with fabulous food for the whole family to enjoy!

Stay tuned, because I will be sharing weekly treats for you to add to your list of places to visit!


Welcome to my very first review with Redruth Meadery! Come along for the ride as I tell you all about my experience within this Redruth restaurant.

It's a family friendly location you don't want to miss and a perfect spot to gather for a friendly night out or a children’s party.

Take a step back in time with this medieval experience - a place the whole family will adore.

Carry on reading to find out everything you need to know about this unique spot in the very heart of Redruth…



Redruth Meadery is a place for a chilled night of fun in a truly unique and exciting location. If you’re after a classy night with fine food, this may not be the place for you – but a candlelit dinner is definitely on the cards.

There are many of the restaurants located throughout Cornwall including Newlyn, St Agnes, Falmouth, Newquay and of course Redruth!

This Redruth restaurant aims to provide an experience transporting you back in time to the medieval period and it certainly lives up to your expectations. This restaurant offers a family friendly location, traditional comforting dishes and a great atmosphere perfect for any event.

Once you walk in, there’s an element of surprise – it’s a place like no other and with this welcoming service and charming décor you know that a great night lies ahead.

It’s a popular spot for parties, family events or friendly get-togethers – and when I entered there were plenty of people enjoying this unique spot in Redruth.

The Meadery is completely family friendly, with child size portions and the availability of high chairs, colouring books and baby changing facilities.

During my visit, many families were celebrating birthdays, alongside couples tucking in with their fingers with huge smiles stuck on their faces.

If a chilled, fun and unique evening is what you’re after this is the place to go – and don’t even think about drinking Cornish mead anywhere else!


First impressions always count. When we first walked through the extravagant walkway and in the impressive wooden doors, we entered into a dark yet charismatic location filled with twinkling lights, hanging plastic flags and people serving food dressed in medieval costume. Odd, but it totally works.

We had previously booked the table online through their online form. Unlucky for us, this was unsuccessful. This was disappointing as the Redruth restaurant was filled to the brim of people wanting a taste of this medieval experience.

We made our way to the bar and had a tipple of Cornish mead – I opted for the strawberry flavour and it was glorious.

The mead is 17% alcohol, making it an extremely strong drink and I would definitely recommend adding fizz unless you find yourself eager to try the medieval drink the hard core and traditional way!

After much deliberation, I thought a second one may throw me off my review so after fifteen minutes of waiting to be seated we made our way upstairs to a grand wooden table in the corner of the restaurant…



The menu is bursting with tasty treats to get the whole family excited – and very full! The portions are generous – such as the half chicken but this can be a problem when you’re desperate to dribble all over the Death By Chocolate dessert.

There is plenty to choose from including classic dishes such as scampi, smoked mackerel, beef in ale and the rack of ribs. It’s quite a meaty menu, and unfortunately has limited selection for vegetarians, as there was only a prawn salad and the chef’s homemade vegetarian dish of the day to choose from. On this occasion, the veggie option was risotto presented on a chalk board hung on the stairs.

The night started with the Meadery’s starter of breaded mushrooms. These came with a little dollop of garlic mayo, which is my absolute favourite dip so no complaints there other than I could eat a jar full! There was a good serving of mushrooms, and they went down a treat but do be careful – mushroom juice can be lethal on first bite…

The Meadery is famous for their chicken in the rough dish – so of course, I ordered this straight away to put it to the test.

It certainly met my expectations, with delicious crispy skin and meat that fell off of the bone. Served on a wooden plate, it was a great experience and I felt completely liberated as I dived straight in with my fingers and then dipped them into the lemon water placed in the middle of the table (after we found one on another table).

There’s a self-serving salad bar, making it an easy way to get what you fancy to add to your meal. This makes it a relaxing and informal dining experience.

It doesn't end there...

The dessert menu is filled with great choices to indulge in but don’t worry you can have a spoon with this dish (and any dish in fact – but where’s the fun in that?)

There's a huge selection of goodies such as their Banana Split, Mississippi Mud Pie or the Tennessee Grasshopper Pie.

If you’re completely full you can grab a comforting liqueur coffee and watch those around you struggling with all of their might to get through their hefty puddings!

I felt like I should have arrived in a long frilly skirt to make the experience complete, but maybe next time...




Not only will you enjoy the variety of traditional dishes you can get your taste buds tingling with their range of Cornish wine and liqueurs.

Mead was once the first alcoholic drink to be brewed and drunk throughout Britain, and now it’s time to try it out for yourself!

The recipes of Cornish mead have been found and you can step back in time and feel like a fair maiden!

Do you know the special ingredient of mead? It’s actually honey, providing a unique yet summery taste - but don’t have too much as you may forget your great night here!

Are you trying to woo someone?

This could be the perfect date night. Mead is traditionally the drink of love, and many newlyweds would sip upon honey wine during and after their wedding. 

You can choose from many flavours including: blackberry, cherry, strawberry, elderberry and this night’s special – peach! Delicious summer flavours! As you walk up to the intimate bar you can see the range of mead in plastic barrels – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The Meadery also provides a whole range of drinks to choose from including soft drinks, ales and comforting hot drinks.


As you sit within the darkness, aided by plastic hanging candles it creates a great environment to enjoy a night of good food and great company. It may be dark and gloomy but this spot creates a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends – dive in with those fingers and tuck in!

You have a brilliant amount of privacy as you sit within towered seating; allowing you to feel completely involved in your experience here.

It’s a great location with high ceilings, grand stairs and plenty of seats. It can get busy, but this creates a buzzing environment, which is enjoyed by everyone who's seeking this medieval inspired evening!

Of course, the decoration adds a unique and inspiring setting. Surrounded by splashes of reds and paintings of shields, flags and twinkling fairy lights.



I absolutely loved the medieval décor, and it's clear they have worked hard to create an atmospheric location, that is family friendly to fit any occasion. 

The food was presented on wooden plates, and I loved the added touch of lemon water in a wooden bowl to add to the whole medieval experience. 

It’s perfect for parties and there is a separate function room to cater for your needs for any private event. The Guinevere Room holds up to 50 people, so if you have a birthday coming up - this could be a great choice.

The service was great at The Meadery. The waiting staff were very attentive, friendly and gave us plenty of time to browse the menu. They were of course, dressed to impressive in costume!

One thing which may be disappointing for those visiting this Redruth restaurant with a large group – the restaurant is unable to split the bill with groups over five.

Despite our booking not going through effectively, the staff were still attentive and allowed us to grab a drink at the bar until a table was ready. 


Overall my experience at Redruth Meadery was good, I was a total fan of the medieval vibe and taking a step back in time and experiencing something a little different.

Although, as you can imagine I am a huge foodie – eager to indulge in fabulously tasty dishes! Unfortunately I wasn’t blown away by the food and I would have rated the restaurant much higher if the food matched the ambience.

If you’re looking for a location for the great candle lit ambience and want more of a social night to enjoy with friends and family this is the place to go!

Don’t expect world-class food, but it certainly provides tasty bites and mouth watering desserts to make your tummy happy! The Cornish mead is something you cannot afford to miss.

Enjoy great company, artistic décor and an edgy vibe fit for a king… kind of!




Redruth Meadery, 6 Clinton Rd, Redruth, TR15 2QE


01209 210134


The Inn For All Seasons

Welcome to another instalment of Redruth Restaurants with Hannah, your local reviewer – making sure you get the low down on the best Redruth restaurants for families across Cornwall and beyond!

This week I visit The Inn For All Seasons, situated in a great position, super easy to find with plenty of parking available in Redruth.

Rumour has it that they have the best roast dinner around – so of course, I visited The Inn to put it to the test.

Spoiler alert… I wasn’t disappointed.


The Inn For All Seasons

The Inn For All Seasons

The Inn For All Seasons is family run, providing a large and homely restaurant alongside accommodation.

Located on the outskirts of Redruth close to the A30, it’s a great location if you fancy exploring the neighbouring towns or villages such as beautiful Portreath, just a short drive away.  

Discover the nearby coastline, take a browse in the shops as you walk the town’s high street, take a stroll in the woodlands at Tehidy or simply bring the whole family to enjoy great food at The Inn For All Seasons.

The Inn For All Seasons is a great size, meaning it’s a wonderful choice for events such as weddings and functions. The Inn has held many wedding receptions, creating a bespoke menu and offering a location filled with personal touches such as colour schemes and more.

Whether you want a family outing, or a formal spot to talk business – The Inn caters for all kinds of occasions. You’ll find the restaurant a relaxed and friendly location, to enjoy comforting food with the ones you love.


The Inn For All Seasons is very easy to find, with a huge free car park. On arrival I could see there was a lovely decking area with beautiful bunting - making a perfect space for when the sun shines.

The entrance to the restaurant was a little hard to find, but we made our way into the large space and were greeted by friendly staff who quickly showed us to our spacious table.

The space does seem a little dated, some may say it needs a modern touch but I loved the homely feel it gave.

It’s a huge restaurant, with plenty of tables and it was full of people eager to try out the anticipated roast dinner.

I could spot large plates of food, all looking rather delicious and enough to feed a king. I was feeling extremely hungry at the time so I couldn’t wait to make my way up to the carvery and shovel the goodness onto my plate.


 The Inn For All Seasons

Now on to the juicy bit… the food! The carvery was certainly the highlight of the visit and something I have been dying to try for quite some time now.

The restaurant provides a warm and friendly environment to bring along your family. There is also a full a la carte menu promising home cooked food, all locally sourced.

Their seven-day carvery costing £8.95 is quite the hit throughout Cornwall, with many travelling far and wide for the ultimate feast. It’s served midday and evening. So, if you’re feeling carvery cravings – you won’t have to wait long for your fix!

If you’re a vegetarian, The Inn For All Seasons offers a Nut Roast and vegetable gravy that can be pre-ordered alongside a variety of dishes to choose from.

For the little ones, a Child’s Carvery for under 12s is available at an affordable price of £5.95.  For babies in high chairs, The Inn offers a small bowl which can be filled from the carvery for £2. Everyone’s welcome at The Inn For All Seasons, catering for all, this Redruth restaurant is a great contender for a family outing.

Not in the mood for a full blown roast dinner? The Inn also offers a menu bursting with classic English dishes, alongside seafood, vegetarian options, salads, burgers and a children’s menu.

With plenty to choose from, you can be impressed with The Inn’s Special Board featuring many options including fresh seafood.

We didn’t need to wait long for a friendly waitress to take our order and before we knew it, we were up at the carvery, plates at the ready.

When walking up to the carvery, there was plenty of space to queue and a friendly chef greeted me with a huge smile on his face. Alongside this lovely welcome, he was ready to plate us three locally sourced meats, certain to make your mouth water.

There was a selection including beef, gammon and turkey – requesting for beef and gammon, the chef sliced a generous helping and placed it perfectly on my plate. A delicious looking Yorkshire pudding was also popped on to my dish – the main perk of a roast in my opinion.

Shuffling down to the vegetable selection, there was a whole range to choose from including peas, swede, creamy cauliflower cheese, carrots and big juicy potatoes to name just a few. I also added a huge spoonful of gravy over my magnificent roast and happily plodded back to the table.

The Inn For All Seasons

It seemed I had inhaled the roast, which can only be good news.

I’m not much of a meat eater but the beef and gammon were both succulent and delicious. Full of flavour, the salty gammon had to be my favourite, accompanied by tasty and fresh vegetables. It’s definitely a roast dinner that comes very close to your mum’s.

It appeared that my eyes were far too big for my belly, and unfortunately I was unable to finish this beautiful dish. This was for one reason; I had to fit in the homemade dessert.

The waitress told me there was a special offer for those enjoying a roast; I could get a homemade pudding and a coffee for just £1 extra! How could I turn this incredible offer down? If you are seeking an affordable roast, with the many added treats available – you know where to go.

There was a choice of apple crumble, trifle or fruit salad. I immediately chose the apple crumble with a great dollop of custard.

There is also a dessert counter on display, showcasing the restaurant’s huge dessert range of cake and mouth watering treats if you don’t fancy the special offer.

The Inn For All Seasons

Although I kind of felt like I was back at the school canteen, or at my Gran’s for an indulgent lunch, it felt so right. The apple crumble was filled with soft apple, the right amount of crumble and comforting custard. It was also a huge portion, so expect to be bursting out of your trousers by the end of your visit.

Along came my cup of coffee and a mint chocolate and my day was complete.


 The Inn For All Seasons

The Inn For All Seasons

As you can see from the photo, the restaurant has a large bar creating a relaxed and comfortable place to enjoy a social drink with friends. The bar offers a huge selection including local ales, lagers, spirits, a choice of wines and soft drinks.

With plenty of seating, you can experience a spacious yet cosy experience as you enjoy a few drinks with friends and family.


As soon as you walk into this Redruth restaurant you feel completely welcomed. With an informal and comfortable setting, this creates a lovely family outing that is completely stress-free.

The staff were very friendly and attentive, so you can enjoy your visit without experiencing any problems.

With wooden furniture, old school décor and a pub style environment this creates a relaxed setting perfect for a get-together.

We were sat right beside a wide window, letting natural light pour in - so don’t expect to be sitting in a dark and gloomy setting. 


 The Inn For All Seasons

Overall I found the presentation and service amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, with a friendly face at the carvery, the meat was situated pride of place and the vegetables were well stocked with a great range of choices available.

On your journey up to the counter, you can spot the many desserts available in the glass cabinet. This means you will probably know exactly what your post carvery treat will be before you’ve even tucked in!

The Redruth restaurant was very clean, spacious and full of light. A real treat, and I can imagine they have a number of regulars who join them for a carvery on a weekly basis.


 The Inn For All Seasons is a great choice when choosing a Redruth restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.

The carvery is up there with the best I’ve ever had and I was impressed with the service and offers available.  The food was fresh, tasty and with the offer of the dessert and hot drink to end the meal, this certainly makes me want to go back and experience more this spot has to offer.

If an affordable roast and homemade dessert is what you’re after, visit The Inn For All Seasons.

I would advise you book in advance as this is a very popular choice within Redruth and you don’t want to miss out!

My inner foodie was very pleased and it looked like everyone around me was too!




The Inn For All Seasons, TreleighRedruth, TR16 4AP


01209 219511


 carn brea castle

carn brea castle

I'm back with another Redruth restaurant review and this time we find out the magic behind Carn Brea Castle.

Gain insight into the history, the people and the culinary delights within this phenomenal setting sometimes overlooked...


 carn brea castle

After years of visiting Carn Brea to admire the beautiful panoramic views of Cornwall, I had yet to experience the culinary delights of Carn Brea Castle.

Perched 700 feet high, the castle is a phenomenal historical building overlooking the town of Redruth and beyond. Dating back to 1379, the castle was built by The Bassett Family and is thought to once be a hunting lodge.

Carn Brea is a wonderful spot to visit, whether you want to take a stroll before heading in for a hearty meal or to simply stop by to admire the views.

Unfortunately the castle doesn’t have disabled access due to the building not making this possible.

Also, the restaurant only accepts cheque or cash. Many people forget cash machines aren't always available as we learn later in this review... 

The castle can be a perfect spot for formal functions and can hold a buffet for up to 35 people or parties up to 24.

Now owned by the friendliest host you’ll ever meet, Jordanian Mr Shawalha truly welcomes you into this treat for all of the senses. Serving Middle Eastern cuisine, with a relaxed and welcoming setting.

I rang the castle at around 5:30pm and spoke to Mr Shawalha, who was excited to hear we will be joining them for the night.

As this is a book only venue, I couldn’t help but feel I should have given him a little more warning but nonetheless he was very welcoming. He made it clear he will make it to the castle to prepare, which gave me the sign there may not be many there on that foggy Wednesday evening.

From that moment, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a feeling it was going to be an interesting night.


 carn brea castle

Fog smothered the sky as we made our way to the castle, following a familiar rocky path from Carnkie village we made it to the top unscathed.

It may seem like a long and tight route to the castle but you will find a spacious car park situated at the top of the rocky hill, in front of the castle.

Climbing into the fog, we made our way to the wooden door and rang the bell.

Along came a friendly lady, who took us through the castle, up the stone steps and into a quaint and adorable setting.

Wooden tables and chairs were arranged cosily, fairy lights hung from the walls and the candle lit ambience was something truly special.

I was instantly taken back by the entrance, and didn’t realise just how big the castle was inside.

There’s no electricity in the building but dining in candlelight within this historical setting creates a unique dining experience like no other.

We had a choice of tables, and we chose the cosy spot in the corner right next to the kitchen. The smell of garlic and culinary creations were wafting from the kitchen door and our stomachs were certainly rumbling.

A small family were eating as we arrived, and then another joined shortly taking the table next to us.

We were shortly handed menus and before we knew it Mr Shawalha himself greeted us with a hello. He asked who had phoned - raising my hand he told us how he thought we were going to arrive before him!

The castle was almost as if you were staying with a friendly family member, private service and a good chat with the owner was a great experience. He wasn’t too overpowering, and I would not turn down a night of drinking wine and finding out more about the interesting life of a castle owner in Cornwall.


 carn brea castle

carn brea castle

carn brea castle

The menu was pouring with Middle Eastern food, from small starters to mouth-watering mains. There was a choice between steak, lamb and chicken dishes which were all served with rice or vegetables.

The restaurant also offers a range of vegetarian options upon request.

Starters start from £4 and mains from £12.95.

I opted for The Carn Brea Special consisting of rump steak fried in butter oil, served with sautéed green peppers, onion, mushrooms and pine nuts.

After ordering our food, the waitress informed us that we were more than welcome to take a visit to the rooftop or explore the castle. Of course, we couldn’t turn the offer down so we headed up the swirling staircase and up onto the roof.

Due to the fog, it was unfortunate we couldn’t take a good look at the scenery but I wasn’t complaining. The fog gave such a unique experience to the night, and we felt like we were part of a movie as we explored the nooks and crannies this castle has to offer.

We made our way back downstairs to our table, and began our wait for the food.

The host came over on several occasions to have a natter, he told us of the tales of how he went to Cornwall College where he met the love of his life right here in Cornwall. We asked him questions about the castle, and he was more than happy to answer any questions we had and so much more.

When our food arrived, it was piping hot and colourful vegetables and succulent meat were placed beautifully on our dishes. My dish was delicious, bursting with flavours of the fresh and succulent food. I asked for my steak medium rare, but unfortunately it came out more medium to well done with a few tough parts.

Everyone enjoyed their dishes and one of my friends said it was the best steak they have ever had - perhaps mine was just unlucky.

After we were finished, the waitress told us what desserts were on the menu that night: Lemon Mousse Cheesecake, Apple and Caramel Pie, Baklava or Arabian Coffee. As I was interested in trying it, I chose the coffee.

Expecting the coffee to be overpowering and strong, I was pleasantly surprised. Arriving in delicate cups, the scent was beautiful and the drink was very hot - on first sip I was taken with the unique and warming flavour, not strong in the slightest.

Mr Shawalha told us that the coffee was made from fresh, including spices such as cardamom and explained how it was the perfect drink after dining. He also informed us that we could have a larger cup if we wanted, and then he noticed us eying up our friend's baklava… the host went back into the kitchen and returned with more!

What a treat - and they were absolutely scrumptious. I had never tried baklava before but the flavours were incredible and really complimented the coffee wonderfully.

We were thrilled by the service provided that night, and the little touches the staff gave to make the night so special.

Mr Shawalha told us that we must return to book a special Carn Brea Castle Mezza for four people or more. This includes a number of small dishes, creating a great night to enjoy good company and a range of flavours. Alternatively, there’s a three-course set menu Sunday to Thursday for £18.00.


 carn brea castle

carn brea castle

The drink available is limited, however there were a selection of spirits and mixers to choose from. Diet coke was also available, alongside the Castle’s house wines in white and red.

I would 100% recommend the Arabian coffee as mentioned in the previous section. It was a comforting drink to end the night just perfectly!


carn brea castle

carn brea castle

The castle creates a phenomenal atmosphere, perched high on the hill surrounded by history and beauty. It’s a wonderful experience as you are guided through the castle, and explore the many corners inside.

It’s perfect for a romantic evening, surrounded by candlelight and soothing music in the background

I loved being next to the kitchen, which allowed the scents to travel through the castle.

As you would expect, the castle grew chilly but not overly. Although I would recommend bringing along a jumper to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your visit. Also, don't forget to take a visit to the rooftop providing breath-taking views.


 carn brea castleThe presentation and service of Carn Brea Castle was exceptional. We were all blown away by how personal and special the night was.

Despite waiting a while for our food to arrive, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and you can expect to spend a couple of hours enjoying this magical atmosphere.

Offering a unique dining experience with an interesting lengthy chat with Mr Shawalha, stunning food and great company - how could I fault it?

There was one waitress on the night, providing a friendly service and making our time here completely relaxed and informal. It was clear they want to make their customers feel at home within this unique restaurant in Redruth.

The quality of the service was proven by the end of the night. The family we dined next to didn’t realise you could only pay by cheque or cash, and when the lady requested returning tomorrow with the money - the host was very attentive and said “of course!”. Turns out they were able to pay in cash, but this shows how wonderful this restaurant is.


carn brea castle

This Redruth restaurant is a magical location you have to visit. Visit and be welcomed by exceptional service and have the chance to wander the historic building, which can be spotted from miles away.

The food is something you need to experience, filled with delicious homemade flavours all freshly prepared and lovingly created.

You could spend hours here chatting away to the host, tucking into the many delicious dishes or simply enjoying an ambience you cannot help but fall in love with.





Carn Brea Castle, La Belle, Redruth, TR16 6SL


01209 218358



Welcome back! I am back with another insight into one of Redruth’s restaurants and it is certainly a good one. This week I visited Tricky’s restaurant to find out what was on offer. 



I’ve always heard great reviews of Tricky’s, with many praising their huge portion sizes and tasty desserts. It’s a location that has been on my list since the start of my journey with touring Redruth restaurants.

Situated just off of the A30, Tricky’s is near Redruth and really easy to find with clear signposting. The location is in a lovely spot tucked behind the main road. It’s set within five acres of grounds with a huge car park available for guests.

The building itself is welcoming with beautiful stonewalls, colourful flower displays, lighting and a cosy outside area with plenty of seating.

Tricky’s is popular for being a brilliant venue for parties, weddings, conferences and functions. It is a cosy building, with loads of character that sets itself apart from other places in the area. It’s also a hotel, offering great value accommodation and it's a great spot to explore the surrounding areas such as Portreath beach and Tehidy Park.

Whether you’re after a spot to have a creamy coffee after a walk on the beach or you have a Birthday to celebrate - this is the place to have a great time!

The bar and restaurant is open from 12 noon until late with food being served until 2:30pm and evening meals being served from 6pm to 9:30pm.

According to Tricky’s website, the food is fresh and locally sourced wherever possible. Local farmers and fishermen provide much of the food and meals are always cooked upon order, this is why there could be a wait on food.



The restaurant was filled with people and it was lucky we remembered to reserve a table in this popular location. A parking space was easily found, and we walked towards to grand entrance which had lovely hanging lights. We made our way to the food counter and were greeted by a waiter who quickly told us there would be a one-hour wait on our food. This was fine, as long as the food lives up to my expectations.

The friendly waiter showed us to our table and handed us the menus. I was impressed with the variety available, with so many options ranging from salads, steaks, burgers, traditional pub grub and vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian options include Thai vegetable curry, Mexican vegetables and a vegetarian burger. There is also a children’s menu consisting of pasta, cod goujons, chicken nuggets and sausage at a very affordable price.

There was also pizza! I was so surprised with this addition to the menu and there were so many options to choose from including the classic Margarita, Hawaiian, meat feast and veggie feast. Next time I visit, I am definitely trying these out - you can even make your own!

There was also a great range of specials available and that was where I spotted my dish - creamy tagliatelle. The special board also offered burgers and a mouth-watering starter… fried brie.

If you fancied a light bite over lunch, there’s a great selection of sandwiches and jacket potatoes all served from 12 noon to 2:30pm.



As the staff informed us, it took over an hour for our dishes to find us. We opted for the fried brie (of course) and we were not disappointed. Two chunks of crispy brie sat on our plates alongside a beautiful cranberry dip and a fresh salad. It was delicious and I wish I could go back to that very moment to experience it all again, the combination of melted cheese and dip was to die for.

The pasta bowl was placed in front of me and it was enormous! Usually, I can get through any dish but I knew this was going to be a challenge. Especially after consuming my daily intake of dairy.

The pasta was so creamy and the flavours were amazing. With peppers, roasted tomatoes and a creamy sauce it was very indulgent but I enjoyed every bite. It also came with garlic bread, which I am always a sucker for.

It beat me. I was stuffed. But the kind of happy stuffed.

My boyfriend went for the chunky burger overflowing with onion rings, gherkins, bacon, cheese… you name it. It also came with a relish, crispy chips and another fresh side helping of salad. He enjoyed it very much and we were both ready to plod out the door.

Although there was a great selection of desserts on offer, there was no way we could fit it in. This included brownie, Belgian waffle, chocolate fudge cake, sticky toffee pudding, ice cream and cheeses.

You will be pleased to know that you can enjoy a heart Sunday roast on the weekend too!



The bar has a large area to relax. It’s really welcoming and cosy, creating the perfect setting for those wanting to find a space to unwind after a long day. The large bar offers wines, real ales, hot and soft drinks. There are always at least four real ales available at the bar - just take your pick!

Tricky’s also has a large BBQ area perfect for a summer’s day. It can seat up to 80 people, so for your next party venue this could be the place to be. The area can also be covered if the weather turns miserable.

There’s also a Garden Room, ideal for functions and celebrations for a private affair. Holding up to 150 guests, the room can be redesigned to fit your taste for any occasion. 



The atmosphere of Tricky’s is very warm and welcoming. The place is buzzing with families enjoying an evening together, and despite the tables being full it did not seem too crowded.  We thoroughly enjoyed our night, with great service, fantastic food within this relaxed location.

Tricky’s also provides gig nights on a Friday, so you can enjoy local live music in this relaxed setting. It’s a great chance to unwind after a long week at work.


We were told straight away that our food would be an hour late. As we were in no rush, this usually does not phase me as I’m more than happy to enjoy my evening over a few hours. We were offered drinks, asked if our food was ok and when we were ready we were able to walk up to the food counter and pay for our meals. It was a totally relaxed and informal setting, perfect for couples, families and bigger occasions.



Overall I found Tricky’s an enjoyable location to enjoy good food in a cosy setting. The restaurant and bar area is large, clean and the staff are extremely friendly make you feel comfortable.

The menu was filled with a variety of dishes to please your taste buds but be warned - you probably won’t finish your plate!

Tricky’s is a great location for weddings, events and social get-togethers. With a huge restaurant, beer garden and BBQ area you will have plenty of options to choose from to enjoy great food, drink and company.



Tricky's, Tolgus Mount, Redruth, Cornwall, TR15 3TA


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Hi! It's Hannah back again with another tasty addition to my tour around Redruth Restaurants. This week it was Father’s Day, a great time to celebrate with loved ones and it was the perfect excuse to see what Penventon Park Hotel could offer us.

At first glance, the hotel can be a little intimidating, with its grand building, glamorous interior and waiters in black tie ready to greet you but this should not put you off!

Penventon Park Hotel was offering a special Father's Day menu at a set price, which was very affordable. We decided to give it a try and experience a little sprinkle of sparkle, and it did not disappoint.



This Redruth restaurant is situated in the West End, tucked far away from the busy streets of the town. As you make your way into the park, tall trees and subtropical palms surround you. You will be met with a large car park, and the beauty of the hotel standing grandly ready to provide a warm welcome.

The Georgian Mansion is simply breath taking and it is certainly unexpected in this quiet part of Cornwall. The hotel is family run by the Pascoe family, with over 45 years of experience they’ve created a spot which is warm and inviting for all.

At three stars, it provides charming interior, accommodation, a large restaurant and spa facilities. There’s also a events room, perfect for special occasions such as weddings and celebrations. Whether you visit for business or pleasure, you’ll be in for a treat.

Whether you visit for business or pleasure, you’ll be in for a treat.



I have visited this hotel a long time ago and it never fails to impress me with its glamorous interior. We arrived at the hotel around midday, and it seemed we were the very first people to arrive for lunch. We were shown to the bar where a man in a black suit and tie requested our drink order. A diet coke for me please.

We waited for five minutes until we were shown to our table. The tables were decorated elegantly with fresh flowers, gleaming cutlery and wine glasses. A tablecloth hung delicately over the tables, and the leather cushioned chairs were something I was more than happy to get comfortable in.

We had a large table situated at the back of the restaurant. Interesting and colourful paintings hung from the walls, stunning chandeliers dangled from the ceilings and a piano was situated perfectly at the entrance. Would someone play, I wondered.

It was not long before a waitress asked for our order, shortly after a magnificent breadboard greeted us. My favourite! When handed complimentary bread - this makes me very happy!

Despite the extravagant restaurant and interior, it was a relaxed and laid back setting. We soon got comfy, talked, admired our surroundings and before we knew it our starters were served. 






That was a lot to take in, wasn't it? Doesn't it look amazing?

Firstly can we talk about the bread? Simply delicious. There was a great selection to choose from including white, seeded and my favourite of the lot - date bread. A huge spoonful of butter was also provided, and it is safe to say we devoured the entire board. Well, not the actual board…

My starter was placed in front of me, a glorious prawn salad. I opted for a light option considering I was ordering the set menu. The salad was fresh, the prawns were delicious and the dressing was creamy. Avocado also adds a great touch to the dish, it was found right at the bottom of the bowl making it a pleasant surprise. It was all you could want in a prawn salad, and I could not find one fault.

I was thoroughly enjoying my visit to this Redruth restaurant and I could not wait for my main of salmon. I’m a huge fan of salmon, it’s probably my favourite dish (especially in a sweet chilli sauce) but this time it came with a buttery dressing. It was sublime, the sauce was rich, creamy and the crispy salmon was baked to perfection, topped with shrimp, bursting with flavour. It came with a side helping of potatoes, spinach and a few more plates of vegetables to add to your dish if you wish to do so.

My final dish was a crème brûlée, it came with a thin slice of shortbread. It was clear this was a freshly homemade dish, and it was intensely creamy and the perfect indulgence to finish off the meal.

But it didn’t end there… we were asked by the lovely waiter if we would like any hot drinks. Coffee all around! Our drinks were served, and along came a plate full of delicious fudges and truffles. As I write this, I cannot believe we got through all of this! What a perfect way to end this Father’s Day lunch with a very satisfied family.

As this was a special occasion, we selected our dishes from a set menu specifically designed for the day. This came to a total of £25 per person which I believe is very affordable considering the dishes and little touches. On a normal day, you can expect a selection from their grill style menu. From pulled pork mac and cheese to a succulent steak!



Although I only sipped upon a diet coke, the Gin Bar was rather tempting. It was pretty glamorous to say the least as you can see from the photo. The lounge bar features beautiful Georgian elements - and guess what? There are 80 gins to choose from. Whether you would like to relax and have a few drinks, you are more than welcome to make yourself comfy at the bar. Not only is there gin to be enjoyed, there’s an extensive list of wines from all over the world available.

If you would like a private affair, the lounge area can also be pre-booked, offering a curtained off space for events. Not to mention to cocktails that are on offer, perfect all year round and for any event - simply take your pick.



The atmosphere was casual, relaxed and an enjoyable experience throughout. We were all very looked after by the friendly and attentive staff, who were always on hand to make us feel welcome and ask if we were enjoying our food with every dish. The restaurant soon became filled with more people eager to celebrate Father’s Day. This spot was buzzing with families enjoying their time here, with good food, excellent service and a wonderful space.



The food was served to a high standard, every dish looked beautiful. The prawn cocktail was presented in a tall glass, neatly presented. The following dishes were also dressed tastefully, very pleasing to the eye. The use of different textures was also a joy to see, in my opinion I love food being served on wooden boards and this was the case for the bread. When it came to the fudges and chocolates, each one was placed inside a paper case. Little details always count when dining, and Penventon Park Hotel did not disappoint.

The service was impeccable and I could not fault it. Each waiter and waitress looked really smartly dressed and presented him or herself in a professional and friendly manner. It was a truly relaxing and comfortable restaurant, where I would be more than happy to return to on future occasions such as birthdays.

The service was also very quick, although it did not feel too rushed. We had plenty of time to enjoy our food and there was just the right amount of time in between meals. 



If you’re looking for a spot that would be the perfect location for a birthday, special occasion or private function, Penventon is a great option. Situated in the heart of Cornwall’s mining capital, you can enjoy a glamorous yet casual stay while also exploring the many beautiful locations surrounding the area. Whether it is a trip to the beach, a walk in the woods or a spot of shopping, the Penventon Park Hotel is a great Redruth restaurant to take a break.

Tucked away down an impressive drive way you will be stunned by the beauty of this location. Surrounded by towering trees, a grand entrance and Georgian building you can expect to be greeted with a warm welcome. Get ready for an enjoyable stay, fine quality food and a magical location to create memories with friends and family.

And yes, the pianist did show up and he played a wonderful array of songs, making our visit a truly fantastic experience. 



Penventon Park Hotel, W End, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 1TE


01209 203000

Come back soon for another spoonful of Hannah's reviews of Redruth restaurants!


 lamb and flag

Welcome back! You are in for a treat because this week, I visited a brand new restaurant right in the heart of Redruth town. You may have heard of Bystro, a little restaurant which is also located in St Austell. This new opening has excited many locals with them eager to give this new hot spot a try.

The Redruth restaurant says it provides ‘fresh food fast’ for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m yet to try the St Austell restaurant but luckily, I have plenty to say about this particular visit!

Lamb and Flag Bystro specialises in local fish and meats, with big dishes and lots of choice ranging from pasta, salads and vegetarian dishes. They aim to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and on many nights you may catch live music or comedy nights.

So, let’s get stuck in and find out a little bit more about my experience in this Redruth restaurant.


lamb and flag

Bystro can be found in two locations, Redruth and St Austell. They pride themselves in fresh home cooked food, providing a relaxed spot everyone can enjoy.

Both venues provide a night of entertainment, you can visit their Facebook pages to find out the next night of fun. This includes nights filled with comedy, theatre, drama, live music and even the odd theme night chucked in!

The restaurants are both open from 8am until 11pm, providing meals throughout the day and all the cake and coffee you can handle in between!

Lamb and Flag Bystro is located in a gothic building that is filled with loads of history. It was built to look after the miners of Redruth and the rugby team. A lamb still hangs above the front doors, adding that special touch.

According to the restaurant's crowdfunder page, there is a temporary bar and dining area in the basement for comedy nights and live music. I didn’t get a chance to spot this, but I would definitely be interested in returning and checking this out next time.

The next stage of the plan is to move the kitchen upstairs and place a bar to go beside the living room. This will definitely make the space a lot more relaxed and enjoyable for visitors.


The restaurant is located in a beautiful building oozing with character. As we walked to this little spot, a sign read ‘Coffee’ as we walked in - so of course, we knew that we were in good hands.

As you walk through the side entrance you find yourself in a medium sized room. Understandably, this spot is still in need of a little more to make it cosier. Otherwise, at first glance it was very clean, modern and tasteful.

The kitchen is also in the same room as you dine. I am aware that this is not to everyone’s taste but the chef was very friendly and it wasn’t too much of a distraction.

We were sat in the corner of the room on a large table. The waitress greeted us warmly but there was a tiny problem!

That afternoon I booked online through a link of the Bystro Lamb and Flag Facebook page. Unfortunately, the internet was down and this led the staff to be unaware that we were about to show up. Luckily, this did not seem to be a problem and the friendly waitress informed us that their card reader was also not in use due to this error. But no worries - there’s a card machine just down the road so if you’re in need of cash that is always an option.


lamb and flag

lamb and flag

lamb and flag

The menu had a great choice including many meat dishes and also pasta, soups and more. It looks like the menu is changed on a regular basis as this differed from the menu shown on their Facebook page.

If you would like to visit for breakfast, there are plenty of options with the costs ranging from £3 to £8. You have the choice of toast, scrambled eggs, vegetarian or Cornish breakfast so you can refuel and take on the day.

When it comes to lunch you have the choice of deliciously filled sandwiches.

In the evening you can enjoy a range of starters including the soup of the day, fish cakes and pulled pork. For main dishes, enjoy pasta, fish and meat dishes with tasty sides.

The dessert menu is bursting with treats. Whether you want to get messy with sticky toffee pudding or indulge in the cheeseboard - you will find something to end the night on a high.

The restaurant cooks your food fresh to order, so you can enjoy good tasting food with loads of flavour.

After browsing the menus on the website, it became clear that there is a lot more option available in the St Austell Bystro. This includes a section of classic dishes such as fish and chips, steak and sausage and mash.

One thing to note is that the menus seem to change frequently, as when dining at the Lamb and Flag, it was different to the one featured online.

The only downside of the visit was the price of the food. Although the food was delicious, it did seem a little overpriced for the dishes and limited choice for those wanting to save the pennies. Also, I can appreciate that the restaurant focuses upon fish and meat but I definitely would have liked to see a few more vegetarian options to choose from.


During the night, I only had a diet coke, which came in a can alongside a glass. There was no drink menu available, although I did not request one on the night.

There was a drinks area on display with a whole range of options, this included; spirits, soft drinks and wines. I read online that the Bystro also offers a great selection of cocktails, which were delicious according to previous visitors.

The hot drinks have also been given much praise. Just take a look at this hot chocolate, overflowing with cream and marshmallows!


 lamb and flag

At first we were the only people in the restaurant and I prefer an atmosphere where others are present and having fun around you. It was very quiet to begin with however once a few others arrived; the atmosphere of the restaurant began to feel a lot more relaxed.


lamb and flag

I cannot fault the presentation of the food, each dish looked wonderful. The service was also very good, the waitress was attentive and asked regularly if our food was ok. When we went up to the bar to pay, the chef was very chatty and was happy to know that we enjoyed our food. Although their card machine was down, the chef kindly wrote me a receipt and we went on our way.

As the restaurant is small, we did overhear that a man complained about his fish but a smile returned on his face when the chef surprised him with a fresh portion.

As the evening continued, the restaurant had two couples come in wanting a bite to eat. One couple even asked if they could bring in their own wine, the chef was happy for them to do so.

It was a weekday night so it wasn’t surprising that it wasn’t busy. Perhaps if you like a relaxed and quiet evening, pick a weeknight rather than busy weekends.


Overall our visit to the Lamb and Flag was enjoyable and a quiet spot to enjoy the company of friends. As I previously mentioned, the restaurant is still developing and with future plans of moving the kitchen downstairs it should be a great spot for locals.



Alma Pl, Redruth TR152AT


01726 247365

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