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Good luck!

Here's The NEW Secret Sound!


Wrong guesses...

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  • A stapler
  • Breaking sellotape off a sellotape dispenser
  • Whittling wood i.e sharpening a pencil with a knife
  • Loading a shotgun
  • Flicking out a key on a key fob
  • Putting a battery into a smoke alarm
  • Flicking a switch on a socket
  • Taking money out of a till
  • Lighting a clipper lighter
  • Turning on or off a ceiling mounted pull cord
  • Lighting a match
  • Pulling the cork out of a wine bottle through the foil
  • Pulling off sellotape and breaking with your teeth
  • Taking the battery cover off a Christmas decoration
  • A staple remover
  • Re-usable lighter when you spin the wheel part with your thumb
  • A Tip-Ex roller
  • Loading staples into a staple gun
  • Clipping a tin opener onto a tin and piercing it
  • A commando strip on the back of a picture hook
  • Opening a can of fizzy pop
  • Taking the lid off an aerosol can and spraying it
  • Opening a chocolate advent calendar - pulling back the foil and popping the chocolate out
  • A hole punch punching a hole and clicking back up
  • Envelope opener
  • Old fashioned card swipe machine
  • Opening a coffee lid and piercing the foil
  • Date stamp
  • Opening a can of fizzy drink
  • The ring pull on a tin of beans
  • Opening the plastic top on a mayonnaise bottle and peeling back the foil
  • Tapping and cracking an egg
  • Opening and closing scissors to cut wrapping paper
  • Opening a stapler and pulling back the spring to re-load the staples
  • Tapping and breaking a chocolate orange open
  • Striking a match
  • Someone tutting
  • Pulling the light switch on a bathroom shaving mirror
  • Taking the lock off a gas lighter and lighting it
  • Pressing the reset button on an extension lead
  • Clicking a Biro pen
  • Clicking your fingers one hand after the other
  • Old tape deck or CD player being open or closed
  • An envelope being opened with an ‘envelope opening tool’
  • A seat belt unbuckling
  • Turning a light switch on and off
  • Pulling up a fader on a ‘DJ Desk’ 
  • Opening a briefcase
  • Neil's impression of the last secret sound
  • Opening the ring pull on a can
  • Running fingers down the foil of a kit kat and then snapping it
  • Plugging something into a socket and switching it on
  • Opening a tube of Pringles
  • Opening or closing a squeezy sauce bottle top
  • Dispensing a sweetener into a cup
  • Using a pair of nail clippers
  • Flicking of a switch on an electric socket and pulling the plug out
  • A Pez sweet dispenser
  • Clipping or letting go of a bulldog clip
  • Putting a cassette tape into a cassette recorder and pressing fast forward
  • Blowing a kiss
  • Pulling out the plastic strip on a toy to enable the battery to work
  • A Cherry or Olive Pitter
  • Taking the lid off a lipstick and putting it back on again
  • Opening and closing the glove box in a car
  • Foil cover on the top of a milk bottle and it dropping onto the worktop
  • Unscrewing a child's medicine bottle
  • Using a hand held tin opener
  • A large plastic poster frame being opened and then locked
  • When your in a restaurant and the waiter opens a bottle of water flicking the top and the rubber popping out
  • and A4 ring binder snapping rings together then flicking up the leaver
  • Ripping a match out of a cardboard hotel packet and striking it
  • Opening a can of beer
  • The safety cap on a bottle of bleach or medicine being opened
  • A clothes tagging gun
  • A socket and ratchet
  • Removing the lid on a tube of Pringles and peeling the foil off
  • Opening and closing gardening shears
  • A typewriter
  • Tearing off the foil on a bottle of Champagne/Prosecco and letting it fall to the worktop
  • Undoing a shower gel and putting it back
  • Changing a track on a jukebox
  • Opening a fresh toilet roll by tearing the stuck down bit
  • Lifting the foil lid on a muller rice or coffee jar
  • Opening a bottle of beer with a bottle opener on a pocket knife and the lid dropping to the worktop
  • Buckling a seatbelt
  • Unlocking handcuffs
  • Putting batteries in a remote control
  • Taking the backing off a waxing strip, sticking it down and ripping it off
  • Clicking your fingers one hand after the other
  • Kissing each cheek
  • Someone striking a match
  • Pressing a drinks can with a thumb and finger
  • Taking the silver foil of a carton of milk
  • Tripping the switch on a fuse box
  • When you get a toffee stuck to your teeth and you suck it off
  • Unlocking a window lock
  • Opening a packet of wet/antibacterial wipes
  • Taking the lid off a pen and putting it back on
  • Staple remover
  • Old school toy gun.  When you click the trigger and the barrel turns
  • Squishing putty
  • A tape recorder
  • Packet of tic tacs being opened and shaking them out
  • Putting the safety lid on a medicine bottle
  • Someone tutting
  • A rubix cube
  • Making and kneading silly putty
  • Using a nutcracker to crack nuts
  • Pulling the ring-pull on the top of a tin
  • Twisting the top of an aerosol can to open it
  • A salt or pepper grinder
  • Unscrewing the lid of a fruit juice carton
  • Putting a cordless kettle onto its base and turning it on
  • Small carton of juice being popped with a straw
  • A clicker that counts people onto a boat
  • Fastening and adjusting ice skating boots
  • An older camera when you click the button and the shutter opens and closes
  • Zippo lighter lid opening and closing
  • Cracking an egg into a frying pan or bowl
  • Flicking the switch on a socket and clicking the power breaker
  • Undoing and doing up a zip
  • Unscrewing the lid on a men's deodorant spray bottle
  • Locking a padlock
  • On and off switch on a kettle
  • Twisting a handle or knob on a coded door lock
  • Inserting a train ticket into a machine and it coming out the other side 
  • Cleaver cutter kitchen knife
  • Electronic flip over clock calendar
  • Shaking a box of matches
  • Ripping paper
  • Unscrewing and re screwing a bottle of bleach/detergent
  • Newtons Cradle
  • Plastic packaging being opened
  • Opening a wine cooler fridge
  • Opening a Kilner Jar
  • Frustration Game when you push down the dome to roll the dice
  • Changing a bayonet light bulb
  • Releasing and plugging back in a seatbelt
  • Opening and lighting a zippo lighter
  • Turning on or off an LED torch
  • Taking the top off a permanent marker and using it
  • A clock ticking
  • Clicking your tongue onto the roof of your mouth
  • Opening a can with a ring pull
  • Undoing the clips on a plastic sandwich container
  • The sound your phone makes when you swipe the page
  • Closing a briefcase and flicking the combination to lock it



The £5,000 Secret Sound has been won!

After more than a year and hundreds of guesses - Pirate FM's Secret Sound has finally been guessed.

Ken from Bradworthy correctly identified the sound that has been driving everyone crazy - as a smoke alarm being opened.

I know. Now he's revealed the answer it's obvious.

Watch the moment it happened here - and it will all fall into place. Still, at least we know for sure now. It's not a stapler...




Here's The £5,000 Secret Sound!

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The first entrant to correctly identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, will win the prize money.

If an entrant fails to identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, we may take further callers (at our absolute discretion).

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This bonus round may take place some days after the Event.

One entry per player per Event. Duplicates will be deleted.

You must be available to appear on-air by phone once the draw has taken place. If the first drawn participant is not immediately available the random draw will be rerun until a Participant is available.

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