The Secret Sound

Win £500 by working out the Secret Sound!

It's Cornwall's most annoying noise - but it can win you big, big money.

Lindy Mansfield bought a clue for £250 reducing the prize to £750

Clue 1)  On the spot

Keri Rousey bought the second clue  reducing the prize to £500

Clue 2) Running not walking

We play again on Tuesday with the chance to buy another clue.

Text the studio with your name and "Secret Sound" - 07807 225 102

Texts are charged at your standard text rate.

Listen to the sound here, check out the wrong guesses.



Wrong Guesses

The drying buffers at a carwash

Setting up a game of Boggle

A printing press

An old traction engine

Scrunching up plastic trays

Polishing boots with a boot brush

Shaking a box of cat biscuits

Shaking a bottle of mouthwash

Slicing a loaf of bread

Trying to start a car with a flat battery

Squeezing a "chill factor" slushy maker

Wiping feet off on a doormat

Scrunching up a gel pack to put on a bruise or injury

A washing machine

Doing laundry on a washboard

Sawing wood

Zipping and unzipping the zip on a jacket

Using a mandolin to slice vegetables 

Old computer printer, printing

Shaking a box of cat biscuits

Gargling or swishing liquid around your mouth 

Sieving earth through a soil sifter 

A Dishwasher

Swishing liquid around your mouth

An old fashioned potato chipping machine in a Fish & Chip shop

A washing Machine on rinse cycle

Shaking a box of cereal

Set of Windscreen Wipers

Wind Turbine

Using an old washboard to do laundry

Grating a carrot or other vegetable

Pushing down on a spinning top

Doing chest compression's on a mannequin during first aid training

Twin Tub washing machine 

Unlocking a car

Sanding a piece of wood

A photocopier or printer

Using a potato chipper in a chip shop

Rinsing your mouth out with liquid

Traction Engine

Pumping up a water pistol

Waxing a surf board

Opening and shutting an umbrella

A plunger being used to unblock a drain

Striking out a pigeon clock

Tickets coming out of a machine in the arcade when you win

Shaking a tub of pringles

Milking Machine  

Slicing a baguette/french stick

A bread machine mixing the dough

Using a pressure washer/jet washer

The valve on a pressure cooker

A water pump in a mine

Walking in waterproof clothes

Scraping ice from a windscreen

A cat scratching in a litter tray

A jewellery cleaning tumbler

Moving earth or gravel with a digger

Scraping ice from a car windscreen with a Pirate FM ice scraper

A condiment grinder

Shaking a cocktail in a cocktail shaker

Shredding paper in a shredder

A rowing machine

A washing machine

Shaking a tub of nuts and bolts

Shaking a box of giant Jenga

Shaking a box of puzzle pieces

Riddling a fire

Old style coffee percolator

Putting potatoes through a chipper in a fish and chip shop

A childs spinning top

Cleaning a chargrill/BBQ with a wire brush

Aggregate crushing plant

Shaking a box of cereal

Shaking a carton of orange juice

Lucy filing her nails!

A boxer skipping

An electric toothbrush coming to the end of its charge

A frozen bag of veg being shaken around

Walking on gravel

Shaking a box of Maltesers

Dry rice in a container being shaken

Taking a packet of popcorn out of the microwave and shaking it

A Combine Harvester

Swishing bath water around to mix-up the bubbles

A record player stylus stuck in the groove on a vinyl record

An ice cream machine

Mine Engine Stamps

Someone scratching their beard

Someone brushing their teeth

A foot pump

Brushing Teeth

Tractor Cutting a Hedge

Swishing mouthwash

Sewing Machine

Crushing Clay or stone

A Milking Machine

A hay baler

A knitting machine

A sprinkler with an interrupter

A Fidget Spinner

A liquidiser

Squelching wellies in the mud

Windscreen wipers

The rotor blades of the Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter

A food production line

Cash Dispenser/ATM Machine

A Running machine

Small wind turbine

Sharpening a kitchen knife

Wiping feet on a doormat

Bouncing on a pogostick

Running on the spot like on a treadmill

Marching on the spot

A running machine adjusting after you have changed the programme

A hamster running on a wheel

A Stationary Steam Engine

Skipping with a skipping rope on the spot

Running with a mobile in their pocket that hasn't been switched off 

A cross trainer

Someone doing a gangnam style dance

Stamping machine that makes razor blades

A coffee machine







Terms & Conditions 

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with Pirate FM's standard terms and conditions which can be found here.

Listeners can text the studio any time from the conclusion of the day’s play to be entered into the draw for the following day.

In addition, listeners can also enter by phone during the specified time period announced on-air.

A random entrant will be selected to play.

The first entrant to correctly identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, will win the prize money.

If an entrant fails to identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, we may take further callers (at our absolute discretion).

The prize on offer in the next contesting sequence will be announced at the conclusion of the previous contest.

Pirate FM may, on occasion, feature themed days or increase/decrease the number of plays of the competition.

We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.

At any time during the contest period Pirate FM may offer any additional challenges including, but not limited to, the opportunity to donate any portion of their winnings to charity or to gain additional clues by undertaking challenges or by forfeiting a portion of the prize.

Pirate FM may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media and digital mediums.

We may take as many calls/entries as we see fit in each contesting sequence.

Pirate FM may publish the wrong guesses on any platform during the promotion.

Should the sequence not be able to run live, Pirate FM reserves the right to prerecord a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the prerecorded show day.

Any caller chosen to participate in such a prerecorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.

We may change the Secret Sound at any point during the promotion at our absolute discretion.

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