The Secret Sound

The Secret Sound

Want to win free money?


Here's our latest Secret Sound!


Wrong guesses so far -


Pulling the cord to switch on an electric shower

A Stapler

When a cassette tape comes to an end

Pushing the end of a ball point pen to retract and extend the nib

Stapling paper

An upholstery stapler

A hole punch

Latch on a briefcase

Popcorn in a microwave

Clicking in a seat belt

Shutting the latch on a gate

Self inking stamp

Paper stapler

An ear piercing gun

A Rivett

Snapping shut an A4 ring binder

Closing a DVD or CD case

A cassette tape coming to the end

A supermarket pricing gun

A stapler remover

Dog clicker to train puppies

Clicking in a seatbelt

Pressing in the crown on a watch

Closing the cover on an Ipad or pressing the top button

Nail Clippers

A stapler

Someone having their ticket punched on public transport

Fastening a press-stud 

The mechanism of a gate as it closes

A hand-held pricing gun (like they use in a shop/supermarket)

Flipping a switch down on a kettle

Switching on an electric heater

Banging teeth together

Gun that attached labels to clothes

Clipping bank statements into a binder

A circuit breaker operating

Opening the catch on a briefcase

Closing the clasp on a ladies handbag

Closing the flip top lid on a kitchen bin

Clicking a DVD into the case or popping the button to release the DVD

Clicking a seat belt in

Undoing a car screen wash cap

Using a nutcracker

Opening an oven door 

Pressing a key on an Old Fashioned type writer

Putting the lock down on a briefcase

Snapping on a wristband

Someone cracking their knuckle

Clicking the remote on your car key to unlock/lock the door

Clicking your ski boots into your skis or snowboard

Closing the lever on an A4 lever arch file

Someone's joints cracking

A nail gun

Locking an Iphone or Ipad

Self inking date stamp

Snapping a glow stick

Someone using a hole punch

Opening and shutting the clasp on a purse

 A badge maker

A BB Gun 

Shutter on a camera

Clicking your fingers

Closing the glove box

Putting down the receiver on an old fashioned phone

Clicking the remote lock on the car key

Buckling or unbuckling a seat belt

Resetting the arm on Pie Face

Pulling the ring pull on a tin can

Pushing the top of a PirateFM ball point pen

Electric can opener

Closing the door on a washing machine

Closing the door on an industrial fridge

Pet Clicker

Pressing down on a sprung loaded center punch

Pressing the button on a computer mouse

Pushing the shutter on an Instamatic camera

Snapping the battery compartment closed on a remote control

Switch on a kettle turning on/off

A Post Office or Bank Stamp

Using a manual label maker dymo

Switching on a coffee machine

A train conductors ticket punch

A manual tally counter

Flicking a switch on a fan

Pushing down the plastic dice roller on a game of frustration

The tick of a loud clock

Fastening a metal watch strap

Breaking the seal of a coffee jar

A hand-held gas lighter

A window or door latch

The magnetic latch on a (bathroom) cabinet

Locking/unlocking a padlock

A net being pulled over the side of a boat

‘zoids’ (magnets for arthritis)

Somebody clicking a lamp on

Pressing the space bar on a keyboard

Putting a key into a lock

Opening or closing a bin lid by pushing down to lock and unlock it

Pressing down the foot pedal on a floor lamp

Setting the arm on the game pie face

Turning on or off the light with a pull cord

Opening or closing a lever arch file

Pressing the button on a computer mouse

Pressing a tablet out of a blister pack

Closing the top on a Kilner Jar

A paper stapler

Closing the lid on antibacterial gel

Library Book date stamp

The metal clip inside an A4 ringbinder that holds the paper in place

A plastic popping toy

Opening or closing a suitcase

Pulling a ring pull on a can of fizzy drink

Opening or closing a ring binder

Breaking off a piece of chocolate 

Center button of a Frustration board game

Pushing in or pulling a plug out of an electric socket

Closing clip on a cat carrier

Opening and closing an umbrella - the metal clip clicking into place

Putting a coin or token into a supermarket trolley to release the trolley

Bottle going into a sodastream

A pogo stick

Opening a fridge and the light coming on

Clicking a food processor lid into place

A pricing gun

A tap shoe

Pressing the button on a sweetener dispenser

A time clocking in and out machine

Chiropractor Instrument

The magnetic strip clicking when you close a cupboard door

Opening or closing a microwave

Doing up the pres-stud on a jacket or rain jacket

Piercing the film lid on a microwave meal

A Train or Bus Ticket being punched

Cracking ice cubes out of an ice cube tray

Closing a make up case

Fastening a safety clip on a baby harness/car seat

Old fashioned clock when the number flicks down

Car key button being pressed to release the key

Setting-up a sewing machine before using it

A child proof bottle top (medicine)

Snapping a kit kat in half

Springing a ruler off a table

Doing or undoing a seatbelt

A record being released onto the record player

Entering a code into a push button lock

Making a hole in something with a leather punch

Remotely locking the car - the sound of the door locking

Ear tagging an animal like a cow or sheep

Closing the lid on a hand held Dyson when you empty it

A sealing machine in the butchers

Picking up a plastic wet floor sign and the legs click together

Pair of sewing shears cutting fabric on a hard table

Travel Mug pressing the open or close button/sliding it open or closed

Drumming fingers on a table or knees

Closing the lid on a laptop

Activating a coffee pod in a coffee machine

Clipping in a steam cleaner attachment

Changing the colour on a colour changing biro

Cutting a ceramic tile with a tile cutter

A yale lock closing

Pushing the button on a board game to roll the dice

Clicking the cup part into a blender/milkshake maker

Connecting the barrel of a rifle or gun

Clicking a ball point pen on and off

Inserting or removing an SD card from a reader

Clipping a cap on or off an aerosol can

Squishing a plastic bottle

Clicking down on a computer mouse

Putting in or taking out the battery in a household appliance

Opening or closing an electric car window

Clicking some lego together

A memory stick being connected or disconnected from a laptop

Pulling open the metal clasp in a ring binder

The interior light switch in a car being turned on or off

Interior light in a car being switched on 

A staple remover

Putting a razor blade on a disposable razor

Clicking your tongue onto the roof of your mouth

A ticket punch on a train ticket






We play every weekday morning at 7.20am 

Text the studio with your name and "Secret Sound" - 07807 225 102

*Texts are charged at your standard text rate. 

Terms & Conditions 

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with Pirate FM's standard terms and conditions which can be found here.

Listeners can text the studio any time from the conclusion of the day’s play to be entered into the draw for the following day.

In addition, listeners can also enter by phone during the specified time period announced on-air.

A random entrant will be selected to play.

The first entrant to correctly identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, will win the prize money.

If an entrant fails to identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, we may take further callers (at our absolute discretion).

The prize on offer in the next contesting sequence will be announced at the conclusion of the previous contest.

Pirate FM may, on occasion, feature themed days or increase/decrease the number of plays of the competition.

We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.

At any time during the contest period Pirate FM may offer any additional challenges including, but not limited to, the opportunity to donate any portion of their winnings to charity or to gain additional clues by undertaking challenges or by forfeiting a portion of the prize.

Pirate FM may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media and digital mediums.

We may take as many calls/entries as we see fit in each contesting sequence.

Pirate FM may publish the wrong guesses on any platform during the promotion.

Should the sequence not be able to run live, Pirate FM reserves the right to prerecord a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the prerecorded show day.

Any caller chosen to participate in such a prerecorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.

We may change the Secret Sound at any point during the promotion at our absolute discretion.

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