We're playing Pirate FM's Secret Sound more often. You've now got a chance to win money at 7.20am, 8.20am and 4.20pm every weekday. 

Take a listen to Cornwall's new Secret Sound here - and check the wrong guesses.

Then tune into Pirate FM on 102.2 or 102.8 FM, on DAB, via the Pirate FM app, online or ask your smart speaker to "launch Pirate FM."

You can text your name and "SOUND" to get into the draw any time - 07807 225 102 (at your standard text rate). Lines close five minutes before we play and any entries submitted after that will automatically be rolled into the next round.

Good luck!

Here's The NEW Secret Sound! 


Wrong guesses...

Search the wrong guesses... 

  • Blowing on the edge of paper and running finger over it without it ripping
  • Undoing Velcro on a shoe
  • Peeling off the adhesive strip on the back of a self sticking envelope
  • Ripping off a post it note from the stack
  • Opening a letter with a letter knife
  • Ripping a plaster off
  • Peeling an orange
  • Opening a bottle of fizzy pop
  • Tearing a piece of paper
  • An office paper guillotine when you put the paper in then slice it
  • Opening a vacuum packet of meat (ie ham)
  • Pulling down a plastic blind
  • Pulling a waxing strip off
  • Pulling the self adhesive strip off an envelope
  • Pulling a tape measure in or out
  • Fastening a cable tie
  • Taking a postage stamp out of a book of stamps
  • An emery board being drawn across a nail
  • Baby rattle
  • Sticky lindt roller when you peel off a strip
  • Unwrapping a strip of chewing gum from a pack
  • Peeling the backing off a car sticker/Pirate Car Sticker
  • Using a pepper/salt mill
  • Turning the page of a newspaper
  • Using a paper knife to open an envelope
  • Pulling off the protective paper casing from a drinking straw
  • Pulling a tennis ball off a velcro racket game
  • Cellophane seal on a tub of sweets
  • Opening the seal on a mint packet
  • Pulling wallpaper off the wall
  • Tearing the plastic seal off the top of a mouthwash
  • Removing a piece of paper from a plastic A4 pocket
  • Opening an envelope with a plastic window
  • Cutting a ceramic tile with a tile cutter
  • Tearing the perforated strip on a grab bag of sweets
  • Opening the plastic cellophane on a greetings card
  • A waxing strip being removed
  • Filing a fingernail
  • Tearing the top off a sachet of cat food
  • Turning over a page in a book
  • Velcro rip strip
  • Cutting a potato in half
  • Rubbing your fingers over the tooth of a comb
  • Pulling off some masking tape
  • Tearing off a piece of baguette
  • Taking a quick sip through a straw
  • Peeling open a banana
  • Running your thumb down the foil on a kit kat
  • Ripping tape off a parcel
  • Taking a knife out of a sheath
  • Someone sniffing
  • Curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors
  • Swimming in Spain
  • Removing a plaster from its wrapper
  • Ripping  up a scratch card in a temper
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Peeling the cellophane backing off an Iphone screensaver
  • Ripping tin foil off the box
  • Pushing your face into a pin impression board
  • Drawing a straight line using a ruler
  • A carriage returning on a type writer
  • Sticky tape being pulled from a tape dispenser
  • Camera shutter opening/closing
  • Pressing down the wheel on a lighter 
  • Striking a match
  • Undoing a velcro fastening on a watch
  • Peeling the sticker off a piece of fruit
  • Pulling a tissue out of a box
  • Posting a letter in a red letter box
  • The (rubber) seal around a window as you open it
  • Using a scrubbing brush
  • Tearing off the foil from a Cream Egg
  • Letting the air out of a tyre
  • Taking a blood pressure arm band off


The £5,000 Secret Sound has been won!

After more than a year and hundreds of guesses - Pirate FM's Secret Sound has finally been guessed.

Ken from Bradworthy correctly identified the sound that has been driving everyone crazy - as a smoke alarm being opened.

I know. Now he's revealed the answer it's obvious.

Watch the moment it happened here - and it will all fall into place. Still, at least we know for sure now. It's not a stapler...




Here's The £5,000 Secret Sound!

Terms & Conditions 

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with Pirate FM's standard terms and conditions which can be found here.

From 29th November 2018 listeners must text the studio to register their details for the next Contesting Round.

Text lines will close at 7.15am, 8.15am and 4.15pm Monday to Friday and 9.25am on a Sunday. Entries received after this time will be automatically entered into the following Contesting Round. There will be no play on Sunday 2nd December. Entries for this play will be held over for the 7.15am play on Monday 3rd.

We will use your phone number as a point of contact should you be drawn to be part of the competition. 

The Qualifier will be randomly drawn from those people who successfully registered their details.

One entry per player per contest round. Duplicates will be deleted.

You must be available to appear on-air by phone once the draw has taken place. If the first drawn participant is not immediately available the random draw will be rerun until a Participant is available.

The first entrant to correctly identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, will win the prize money.

If an entrant fails to identify the Secret Sound on-air, with as much detail required at the discretion of Pirate FM, we may take further callers (at our absolute discretion).

The prize on offer in the next contesting sequence will be announced at the conclusion of the previous contest.

Pirate FM may, on occasion, feature themed days or increase/decrease the number of plays of the competition.

We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.

At any time during the contest period Pirate FM may offer any additional challenges including, but not limited to, the opportunity to donate any portion of their winnings to charity or to gain additional clues by undertaking challenges or by forfeiting a portion of the prize.

Pirate FM may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media and digital mediums.

We may take as many calls/entries as we see fit in each contesting sequence.

Pirate FM may publish the wrong guesses on any platform during the promotion.

In addition to the above entry methods, Pirate FM may offer alternative entry routes into the draw.

Should the sequence not be able to run live, Pirate FM reserves the right to prerecord a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the prerecorded show day.

Any caller chosen to participate in such a prerecorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.

We may change the Secret Sound or the prize fund on offer at any point during the promotion at our absolute discretion.

You must ordinarily be a resident within the Pirate FM TSA (Total service area). For clarity, this is all TR postcodes, EX23, EX22, PL10, PL11, PL12, PL13, PL14, PL15, PL16, PL17, PL18, PL19, PL22, PL23, PL24, PL25, PL26, PL27, PL28, PL29, PL30, PL31, PL32, PL33, PL34, PL35

Alternative Entry Route

Participants can enter a separate bonus draw by visiting selected Pirate FM Events, announced on-air and online.

Participants will be required to attend the event and fill in the official entry form at any point between the hours of Pirate FM's attendance at the Event, as announced on-air and online. Entry will signal acceptance of these terms and conditions.

One participant will be chosen at random from those who entered at each Event to play a special bonus round of the Secret Sound, should it not already have been won via the online entry method outlined above.

This bonus round may take place some days after the Event.

One entry per player per Event. Duplicates will be deleted.

You must be available to appear on-air by phone once the draw has taken place. If the first drawn participant is not immediately available the random draw will be rerun until a Participant is available.

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