The Secret Sound

The Secret Sound

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Cryptic clue = "It could be cold!"



Opening a temperature flap on a greenhouse

A hailstone hitting a greenhouse

Closing a car bonnet

Opening a tupperware container

Setting a trap of some kind

Stricking the puck on an air hockey table 

Banging ice cubes out of the tray

A press of some kind - flower press maybe

A drinks can falling out of a vending machine

The lid of a coal bunker closing

Shutting the freezer door

 Igniting a portable gas fire

Cracking a whip

Popping a bag of frozen chips and breaking them apart

A tie press

Trouser press

Closing a shed door

Closing a greenhouse door

Putting a toolbox on the floor

A sealant machine

The door of an outside toilet closing

Opening and shutting a car door

Taking a cold can of beer out of the fridge

Opening a tin can of food

Dropping a slab of dry ice

Putting a fridge magnet on from a distance

Is it the managing director shooting the last person who asked for a raise

Pressing the ignition button on a gas heater

A windscreen smashing or cracking because its frozen

Smashing a bag of ice on the kitchen worktop

Opening a toolbox

A tumble dryer door closing

Trying to start the car on a very cold morning

Snapping a folded belt

Opening the freezer door in the supermarket

A wind machine

A snow machine

Industrial ice guillotine

Snow melting off a roof

The sound of the microwave turntable knocking when its been fitted incorrectly

Hitting an ice pack to activate it like a first aider needs to do

Getting in the shower then closing the shower door behind you

Air in a water pipe

Chopping meat in a butchers cold room

Opening a can of drink

Ice machine making ice

Someone shoveling snow or ice

A pallet dropping on the floor in a warehouse

The puck on an air hockey table going into the goal

The lid of a chest freezer closing 

A snowball hitting a greenhouse

Closing the door of a sauna

Pressing the ignition switch on a boiler

Squirting de-icer from an aerosol can

Inflating a new tyre onto a wheel rim

An air blockage in a radiator

Dropping an ice pack on the floor

A bus door closing

Closing a front or back door

The sound of Lucy's knee packing up

Closing the lid on a chest freezer

Washing being dried in a tumble dryer

A blast freezer door shutting

Filling a gas lighter

Using a staple gun

Closing the lid on an industrial ice machine

Hitting meat with a meat tenderiser

Opening a drinks can

Slapping or being slapped by a wet fish!

Closing the lid of a cool box

Pushing a knife into frozen food to separate it - like frozen burgers

Putting down a coal bucket

Splitting kindling wood for a fire

The starter on a gas fire

Opening a garage door

Putting a lid onto a metal garden incinerator bin

Closing the lid on a BBQ

Putting a gas bottle into a patio heater

Pressing the ignition on an industrial boiler

Closing the door on a lorry freezer door

A gas boiler turning itself on

Opening the door on a chilled drinks vending machine

An ice cream machine being opened

Ice dropping on the floor on a fish market

Sliding shut a secondary double glazing window

Gas central heating switching itself on

Opening a garage door










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