The Secret Sound Turnaround

The Secret Sound TurnaroundThe Secret Sound


The Secret Sound Turnaround contestant is Jonny Sloman from Bude

Have a listen to the sound:

The Cryptic Clue: It's a Knockout


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Listed below are the wrong answers so far to Cornwall's Secret Sound - have a search through, and see if they give you any inspiration to help Neil


Incorrect Guesses

Banging the underside of a vehicle to test for rust

Bearing press

Breaking a ball joint on the bottom arm

Lighting a welder

A ball joint splitter

disconnect air line from a compressor for paint spray gun

banging a brake caliper to free it

hitting a punch ball

a car jack

a slide hammer or hub puller

freeing off an old brake pad

Someone Pop Riveting

Someone Spot Welding

Knocking a Bolt out from an Engine with a Hammer

Starting a Paint Spraying Machine

Panel Beater removing a Dent

Splat a rat game

A springy doorstop

Using a brass/metal front door knocker

Someone using a slide hammer

Someone kickstarting a motorbike

A rattling letter box

Sharpening an axe

Dice in a dome on a Frustration game board

Wobbling skittles on a hard floor

A tipping stool tipping you into a tank of water

Pull cord on a lawn mower

Hitting the hammer on a fairground ring the bell stall

Knocking down skittles

Boxers speed training punch bag

A Carriage going over Railway Tracks

A Pint Glass rocking around on a Table

A Heavy Duty Stapler

Dropping an Ash Tray onto a Coffee Table

Dropping Tools

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