The £1,000 Minute

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The £1,000 Minute

We play The Thousand Pound Minute at 8.10 every weekday morning. Simply get all 10 questions right in 60 seconds and you win a GRAND!

...and we even make it as easy as we can too. Throughout the show each morning, Neil and Lucy reveal clues, questions and answers to help you along. The longer you listen, the more help you will get!

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Our latest contestant:


On Friday, Kev Long from Partini Balloons scored 4 - how would you have done?

1. Which ex pop star has just joined Eastenders as new villain 'Woody' Woodward?
Lee Ryan

2. Which element is commonly known as quicksilver?

3. DEN is the code for which United States airport?

4. In which year was Queen Elizabeth the second's coronation?

5. Who wrote the novel Dracula?
Bram Stoker

6. Van Morrison was born in which Irish city Dublin or Belfast?


7. A 'Labski' is a cross between a Labrador and what other dog breed?

8. In English brewery terms, how many gallons are in a firkin?


9. What is the name given to trees that drop their leaves annually?

10. Who is set to replace Mary Berry as judge alongside Paul Hollywood in the new series of the Great British Bake Off?
Pru Leith



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The £1,000 Minute

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