The £1,000 Minute

Breakfast with Neil and Lucy

The £1,000 Minute

We play The Thousand Pound Minute at 8.10 every weekday morning. Simply get all 10 questions right in 60 seconds and you win a GRAND!

...and we even make it as easy as we can too. Throughout the show each morning, Neil and Lucy reveal clues, questions and answers to help you along. The longer you listen, the more help you will get!

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Our latest contestant:

On Friday, Stuart Queen from Callington scored 7/10 

1. In the nursery rhyme ‘Hey diddle diddle’ what animal jumped over the moon?

2. What type of bird was also the middle name of explorer Captain Robert Scott?

3. Gold medals were not awarded at the Olympic Games until which year? 1896, 1904 or 1912

4. What is the name given to the shortest day of the year?
Winter Solstice

5. Someone who has a surprising ability or skill is said to be a “Dark ____”?

6. Which Channel 4 late night TV show stars Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker?
The Last Leg

7. ‘Want to want me’ is the 2015 single by which artist?
Jason Derulo

8. Which novel by Robert Harris centres on the World War Two code-breakers who worked at Bletchley Park?

9. La Tomatina is an annual festival held in which country?
Spain (tomato throwing)

10. What was the job of Will Somers in the Court of Henry VIII?




Friday 10th November, Keith Billett from Illogan scored 10/10 and won £1000- how would you have done?

1. Which colour was Roger Hargreaves’ character ‘Mr Tickle’?


2. Who presents DIY SOS?
Nick Knowles

3. Which of Ed Sheeran’s singles was first to reach number one in the official UK chart?

4. How many minutes are there in a day?

5. To work late into the night is said to be ‘burning the midnight ___?

6. Who chauffeured Lady Penelope on the Thunderbirds?

7. Where in England would you find Spaghetti Junction?

8. Which alcoholic drink, often referred to as “Mother’s Ruin”, is derived from Juniper berries?

9. ‘We Will Rock You’ is the B-Side to which 2005 Nickelback single?

10. The single ‘Rule the World by Take That was released in which year?




Bobby Inman  scored 10/10 and WON £1000 - could you have won the cash?

1. What does “apples and pears” traditionally refer to in cockney rhyming slang?

2. Who sang the 1963 hit “She loves you”?
The Beatles

3. What is the capital of Sicily?

4. What 90's Danish band had hits with ‘Dr Jones’ and ‘Barbie Girl’?

5. The second novel in the Harry Potter series is entitled “Harry Potter and the …” what?
Chamber of Secrets

6. The Go West single ‘King of Wishful Thinking’ featured in which 1990 film?
Pretty Woman

7. Slade Prison featured in which TV sitcom?

8. Which female singer’s real name is Alecia Moore?

9. How many sides are there on a hexagon?

10. What is ‘chromatics’ the science of?

The Thousand Pound Minute Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with Pirate FM's Standard Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

The competition will run weekday mornings, excluding public holidays, unless stipulated otherwise by Pirate FM.

Each morning the breakfast show will solicit callers to play The Thousand Pound Minute by calling or texting the studio.

The opening and closing time for these entries to be received will be at the discretion of Pirate FM.

One entrant will be selected at random to play on-air.

They will usually be given sixty seconds to answer a maximum of ten seconds. However, Pirate FM reserves the right to change the timeframe or number of questions at our discretion. Such a change will be made clear on-air.

The caller can choose to pass on a question at any time. Should the caller complete all ten questions they will be offered the opportunity to revisit the passes should any time remain.

If the caller answers all ten questions correctly they will win one thousand pounds.

At any time during the contest sequence Pirate FM may give the contestant additional challenges. Examples include, but are not limited to: the opportunity to donate their winnings or part of their winnings to charity; double or nothing; a bonus question.

Should the sequence not be able to run live, Pirate FM reserves the right to prerecord a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the prerecorded show day.

Any caller chosen to participate in such a prerecorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.

Pirate FM may, on occasion, feature themed days or increase/decrease the number of plays of the competition.

We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.

Contestants may at the absolute discretion of Pirate FM be awarded the prize off air.

Pirate FM reserves the right to provide clues prior to the contesting segment. Pirate FM may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media, digital mediums and direct marketing.


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