It’s the noise that’s been driving Cornwall crazy for more than a year – and now it’s time for a clue.


 It’s our biggest help yet for you to win the £5,000 Secret Sound - that money could be in your account by Christmas.

We’ll be uploading more help every week as Tuesdays become Cluesdays on Pirate FM.

And don’t forget that every wrong answer that’s been guessed so far is available for you to check on the Pirate FM website right now.

Take a look and check the Ts and Cs here.


Clue Two:
We've supersized the Secret Sound! Listen to the longer version now, just click the video above...

clue #1

Clue One:
There’s a hint to the identity of the Secret Sound hidden somewhere in this video… Click to watch this 360 degree video - you can pause and scroll around the video on either mobile or desktop.

iPhone users click here to view