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TEDxTruro is a place for thinkers and doers from all fields to share their ideas and their work, capturing the imagination, sparking conversation and encouraging discovery along the way.

Taking place on 26 October at Truro & Penwith College’s Truro campus, the speakers include a world renowned cyber security expert who has presented at the main TED conference in the USA and an adventurer dubbed ‘the human swan’. You can see the full line up below.

dimitar dimov

Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov

Graphene – the material that you find at the end of your pencil – has been hailed as a wonder material of the 21st century, capable of revolutionising the way our technology works, making it stronger, better and faster.

From a new ‘green’ concrete that will reduce carbon emissions by 50% to wearable, textile-embedded smartphones which are virtually unbreakable and health monitoring tattoos that transmit data directly to your GP, Monica Craciun and Dimitar Dimov will explain how graphene could change our lives for the better.

Matthew Upton

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. If new, powerful antibiotic drugs are not discovered, we ‘may’ return to the pre-antibiotic era.

Mathew Upton and his team from the University of Plymouth think that the solution may lie deep under the surface of the ocean, in dark, cold environments where weird and wonderful sponges live.

matt upton
lucy edge

Lucy Edge

If we could all be accepted and supported to be the best versions of ourselves, would our world be a better place? Lucy will show how we can use Space to create connections and communities across any divide. What holds us back in the physical world needn’t even exist in the virtual.

Emerging Space technologies can enable us to redefine ourselves and to defy distance and time to create more diverse, inclusive and kind virtual communities.

Sacha Dench

Defying technical, practical and political challenges, conservationist and adventurer Sacha Dench flew the 7000km journey from the high arctic to the UK in a paramotor, following the migration of wild swans. Her mission was to find out why the number of birds was declining so fast and to create a wave of support for saving them from the people she met along their flyway.

From her first test flights in Cornwall to winning the highest accolade in British aviation, Sacha will take the TEDxTruro audience on a journey as she describes the ups and downs of becoming ‘the human swan’. The talk will encourage us to wonder what unique combination of skills, knowledge and passion we each have – and leave us understanding that we have the key to creating own extraordinary lives.


sasha dench


james lyne

James Lyne

From accusations of political interference to attacks on power grids, we can already see the impact cyber criminal activity is having. As technology develops, the attacks will become ever more sophisticated and frequent. Cyber security expert James Lyne asks if we are training enough cyber security experts to protect us from these threats.

Over the past four years, James and his team have been on a mission to break stereotypes, challenge traditional education and find our future defenders using gamification, problem solving and national competitions. At TEDxTruro James will open up the conversation about how best to protect our digital world and what we need to do to inspire a diverse group of young adults to consider a career in the area.

Peter Sjöstedt-H

Legal restrictions on the use of psychedelic drugs forced them underground and brought clinical research to a halt until recently. But now psychedelic drugs are again being explored as therapeutic tools to treat PTSD, depression and anxiety. Set against this ‘psychedelic renaissance’, philosopher of mind Peter Sjöstedt-H will discuss the hidden impact psychedelics have had on philosophy – from Plato to Penzance ‘chemical philosopher’ Humphry Davy and many others.

Peter will also discuss the impact that such extreme, altered modes of mind can have upon our understanding of consciousness. Could psychedelics give us answers to some of the big questions facing the philosophers and scientists of today?


hugh hastings


Hugh Hastings

In a world that is obsessed with today, the future and the new, photographer Hugh Hastings will talk about the life affirming experience of looking at photographs of the past. Do smart phones threaten to destroy our ability to retain precious moments of our lives for the benefit of future generations? Hugh will discuss what the solution could be.


Christine Jensen

In this delicious talk award-winning cake designer Christine Jensen explains how cakes can make memories of joy, love and surprise stick. Showing that wonder enriches life and creates deep memories, Christine will get the TEDxTruro audience thinking about what their wonder-making ingredient is.

christine jenson