The Advantages of Laser Technology in Manufacturing

To the uninitiated, the phrase “laser technology” sounds like something out of science fiction. Of course, the reality is that laser technology is a very real and important part of many manufacturing processes. Laser technology uses a focused CO2 laser and is used in many different areas of the manufacturing process. One of these areas is laser cutting. After the desired design is logged into the machine, it will use the laser to create that shape in the material provided.

Although there are other methods that can be used in manufacturing, there are some advantages to laser cutting. From precision work to the technological growth in the field, here are the advantages of laser technology in manufacturing.


Laser cutting is also referred to as precision laser cutting, and precision is a clear advantage of the technology. The technology uses mirrors to focus the laser into a beam of less than an inch around. A specific lens helps to further focus the laser beam until it is significantly smaller. The heat and energy from the laser are now concentrated in one, tiny place. If the machine is properly calibrated, this will allow for a very precise and clean cut. This stands out against other technologies used in manufacturing, including plasma cutting. Additionally, laser beams do not suffer the same wear and tear as other tools do. Lasers are also said to be both more precise and even faster than other methods.

Technological Growth

Like many other technologies, laser cutting has improved over the years. One important part of this is the better-quality nozzles that have been used in the new machines. Since the nozzles are the piece that allows the beam and the supporting gases to actually cut, a good nozzle is a critical part of the process. As the types of metals being used changed, the technology used in the nozzles had to be adjusted as well. The new advances in computer technology also allow the processes to run even more smoothly than before. In addition to the improvements made in the technology itself, the pieces that are being cut have increased. This helps ensure that the cut is smooth.  


Manufacturing processes are focused on safety and those who work with lasers are no exception. While there can be some smoke created during laser cutting and some of the dust is toxic, there are many advantages to laser cutting. The process is fairly quiet and clean-up is fairly easy. This helps laser cutting stand out, especially when compared to processes like water cutting. Using a filter and strategic vacuuming makes laser cutting much cleaner. Provided the proper precautions are taken, it can also be better for the environment. In addition, the requirements for safe handling are less intense than other similar methods like plasma and flame cutting.

The advantages to using precision laser cutting are many. From the increase in safe operation to the ability to work very precisely and the constantly growing technology, many companies proudly use laser cutting in their work, allowing them to make high-quality products at an affordable rate. 

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