The Best Places to Live In the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, and with a wide range of different urban and rural settings, there is almost certainly somewhere for everyone. Here we take a look at some of the best places to live across the British Isles.

South-East England - London

London is often thought of by the British as almost being a country within a country. For the last three centuries, London has been a city of global importance and has remained a major hub for science, culture, and finance even today. The city has always both confused and delighted visitors to the British Isles and has earned a reputation for embodying the British identity whilst also subverting it; London is a very typically British place and yet is unlike anywhere else in Britain. The whole city carries a long and fascinating history with it although as with all major capital cities there is a wide variability in socioeconomic conditions amongst the different council areas.

South-West England - Bristol

Bristol has a unique voice in the UK in a number of different ways, from the distinctive accents of the locals to its world-renowned music scene Bristol has created a strong and enduring identity for itself. Compared to London, with a metropolitan population of just over 8 million, Bristol’s population of 428 thousand might make it seem less significant. However, it is a city that punches well above its weight and while much less populated than London this has meant that much of its beautiful rural areas remain untouched by skyscrapers or other large developments. Bristol combines urban and rural settings in a way nowhere else in the UK really does making it a top choice to live in.

Northern England - Newcastle

Newcastle was first settled in Roman times and parts of the United Kingdom’s most famous Roman ruins, Hadrian’s Wall, are visible in parts of the city. Newcastle remained a primarily defensive fortification until becoming one of the world’s first major industrial centres and was crucial for shipbuilding and heavy engineering throughout that time. Today, the city is an important tourist destination as one of England’s most characteristic Northern Cities with an extensive cultural background and one of the most affordable British cities to live in. Newcastle accommodation is also some of the consistently highest ranked in the UK.

Scotland - Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital since the 15th century, Edinburgh embodies the Scottish spirit. The Edinburgh festival is the most renowned comedy festival in the world and every year it draws from the entire global cultural spectrum, bringing all kinds of people together. Edinburgh also hosts art and film festivals and is the undisputed centre of Scottish culture. As well as being home to a renowned university. Edinburgh counts many titans of British culture amongst its alumni; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson were both residents of the city for many years. The city has also produced a number of noted scientists including Max Born and Charles Darwin.

The United Kingdom is known for its diversity. Today, this rich tapestry forms a landscape of boundless opportunities and limitless variety. In the UK, there truly is somewhere for everyone.

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