The Future of Stunt Scootering as a Profession

Stunt scootering has come a long way since the first established competition in the early 00s. With more fans than ever before, freestyle scootering is becoming a popular sport across the world. For this reason, we’re showing how riders can enjoy a career in stunt scootering in the future.

The Emergence of Professional Scooters

Over the past six years, many action sports companies from England, Australia and the United States have launched freestyle scooters to withstand a variety of tricks and stunts at a professional level. The professional scooters can, therefore, effectively take the strain of a skatepark, which has allowed the sport to grow exponentially.

The improved scooters ensure riders can achieve tricks and stunts that were once never thought possible, such as double backflip, a double front flip 360 and big gaps. As a result, many professional riders have come to the forefront of stunt scootering, such as Dakota Shuetz and Ryan Williams, who are arguably the two best riders on the planet.

A Bigger Following

One thing that will ensure the future of the sport is its rising popularity. Skating fans once often loved nothing more than watching BMXers and skateboarders show off their talents, but stunt scootering is resulting in riders picking up a freestyle scooter over a BMX or skateboard within the last two years. You only need to visit a local skatepark to identify there is a bright and competitive future for stunt scootering in extreme sports.

The Olympic Games?

You may or may not have heard that skateboarding will become an Olympic sport, however, it’s refreshing that skateboarding has finally become recognised as a ‘proper sport.’ The sport will now form part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and with skateboarding finally earning the recognition it deserves in the sporting world, it makes perfect sense that stunt scootering could soon follow in its footsteps.

The traditional event aims only to feature relevant sports to improve professional participation and spectator figures. As mentioned, with stunt scootering becoming more popular with each passing year, it would not be surprising if it also became an official Olympic game in the not-so-distant future.

The likes of Nathan Churchill, Bart Oskroba and Jamie Hull are already inspiring others to pick up Madd MGP scooters, which could result in a new wave of riders, adding even more excitement to the sport. Sponsors of huge scooter brands and televised competitions will one day bring freestyle scootering into the limelight.

Current Competitions

In the meantime, there are plenty of stunt sporting competitions riders can train for and enter now. For instance, competitive riders can enter the Nitro World Games to showcase their stunts and tricks to wow spectators. Some of the most talented athletes in the world participated in the 2016 Scooter Best Tricks, which aims to improve competition and inspire professional progression – and only the best of the best will stand atop of the podium. You never know, one day it could be you.

With stunt scootering competitions emerging in different locations across the globe and surging in popularity, you can guarantee there is a big and bright future for riders passionate about the sport.