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Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards 2017 - 17th November 2017

Public vote - 2017 Achiever of the Year

Thank you to everyone who nominated for this year's Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards. Nominations have been shortlisted and our judges need your help to determine who will receive the 2017 Apprentice Achiever of the Year Award on 17th November.

The Achiever of the Year Award is presented to an Apprentice who has overcome a personal challenge to achieve an amazing start to their career. Read the inspirational stories of our three shortlisted Apprentices below, and vote for your winner at the bottom of the page before 2nd October.

Alisha Stone

Accountancy Apprentice - Robinson Reed Layton

Alisha Stone, Accounting Apprentice at Truro-based Robinson Reed Layton, joined the team as a shy individual and after a few months gained the confidence to help influence changes in the workplace to help her excel. This showed exceptional courage and demonstrated how determined she is to ensure that she gives 110% in her job role.

Alisha faced some health issues during her Apprenticeship, and approached this realistically and maturely, ensuring that her employer and tutors were always up to date whilst always being committed to her studies.

Alisha’s nominator said: “Alisha is such a passionate individual in every aspect of her life and likes to succeed and do her very best. It is for that reason that she has already become a highly-valued member of the team at Robinson Reed Layton with feedback always being hugely positive”.

"Alisha always attended class throughout her studies and if she was unable to, this was always communicated. She is always engaging in reviews and gets actively involved in all conversations around what she has learnt. As an enthusiastic and dedicated individual, Alisha’s positivity always remains, despite the challenges she faces at work and in her personal life".


Ollie Weeks

Construction Apprentice - RHR Construction

Ollie Weeks, Multi-skilled Site Operative at Redruth's RHR Construction, uses his extraordinary work ethic to be efficient and versatile.

Struggling with dyslexia, Ollie has taken full advantage of the functional skills programmes at the College, which have enabled him to work towards gaining vital qualifications to improve dramatically, enabling him accurately to read drawings and schedules, whilst now also playing an active role in ordering materials at work.

RHR Construction has enabled Ollie to develop a wide range of trade skills.

His nominator said: “Ollie is a great example of how an Apprentice can take life by the horns and come out on top. Ollie can be counted on to show initiative and pull his weight, both at work and college. In one year, he has become an indispensable member of a small workforce who have come to rely on having a highly motivated Apprentice on site who is keen to learn and get on.”

“One year into his Apprenticeship, Ollie’s surge of success is attributable to a positive attitude, willingness and effort. These qualities, combined with a good sense of humour, guarantee him a successful career in construction and make him an outstanding Apprentice.”


Diane Jones

Business Administration Apprentice - Oltco Ltd

Diane Jones, Business Administration Apprentice at flooring company Oltco Ltd, has shown great initiative and competency in dealing with new challenges and changes within the company, and in her personal life.

Having been a full-time Mum for three years before joining Oltco, Diane had struggled to find her way back into work, until she applied for the Apprenticeship position. Diane's confidence grew quickly under the watchful eye of her office manager and company directors. She soon showed signs of huge potential, which led to Oltco developing staff positions and Diane taking on the role of Office Manager.

In addition to this, Diane has taken it upon herself, to not only complete almost all of her course work within the first six months of her Apprenticeship, but has also taught herself to write interesting content for digital media, including social media and the company’s website.

Since starting the Apprenticeship, Diane has also made huge improvements to a local Charity that she helps to run, The Noah Community Project, which helps families in need across Cornwall and wider afield. The skills Diane has gained from the office environment and her course, have enabled her to focus on her goals, allowing many more families to benefit from the charity.

Diane’s nominator said: “We believe that Diane is an inspiration to all those who are wanting to return to work after a break, be that mums or those who have lost their confidence in their own ability. Diane has completely embraced the process of retraining, enjoying the new challenges that she has faced and becoming a very valued and respected member of our team.”


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