Why Send Your Child to an Independent School?

Every parent wants to see their child be happy and achieve success in their life, which means parents want to do all they can to help make this a reality. Often, this starts with schooling. Choosing the right school and the right school system can make all the difference in the world to your child’s educational success. One option that parents are given in the UK is independent or private schools. These schools can be found all over the country, which means you’ve probably got one nearby.

If you happen to live in the Hampshire area then you’re really in luck, as independent schools in Hampshire boast some of the best figures in the county according to the Independent Schools Council. So what makes these independent schools such a great option for kids? Well, there are a number of benefits.

Take a Look at the Grades

The numbers don't lie and the stats show that kids who attend an independent school are in fact three times more likely to get higher grades at A-level than other kids. Getting those higher grades may not seem like a big deal in the primary school years, but as kids get older and start to learn more about their interests and what they’d like to do with their lives, those higher grades will ensure all kinds of doors are opened to them. Getting into their top university of choice will be much easier if they’ve maintained those top grades.

Kids Love the Variety of Activities

While there is much emphasis placed on learning in these independent schools, there is also a lot of focus on extracurricular activities. Most independent schools have a wealth of clubs, teams, and activities to choose from in the areas of sports, dance, drama, music, community service, and more. These kinds of activities are both fun and also enriching.

These outside activities can also help to prepare them for their future career.

Class Sizes Tend to Be Much Smaller

Another huge bonus is the class sizes, which tend to be much smaller when compared to public school. A smaller class size means the child will get more one-on-one attention and the teacher will have a better understanding of the child's progress. If the child is experiencing any issues, the teacher will be that much faster to notice and offer solutions to the problem.

The Option of Single-Sex Classrooms

For some parents, the idea of single-sex classrooms is a huge bonus. Granted, not all independent schools offer this option, but if it's something that is important to you then you can certainly find a school that offers this choice.

A Strong Foundation for Their Future

At the end of the day, parents just want to provide their children with a strong foundation for their future and for many parents that means sending their kids to an independent school. These schools are able to offer experiences and environments that public schools just can’t offer.

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