Why you need to follow your dreams

You’ve worked hard at university, become an expert in your chosen field of work, and happily, you are making a real difference in people’s lives. Nonetheless when you get home at night, even if you feel happy with your day’s work, you still have a sense that something’s not right. It could well be that you’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, but surely it would be foolish to pursue that when you have a stable, rewarding career and a reasonable income? Well, it might be slightly foolhardy to hand in your notice without having written so much as a short story, but it doesn’t mean you can’t see where this path could take you. Unless you do something to locate the source of your restlessness, you’ll be stuck with an itch that won’t go away.

How to follow your dreams

If you want to be a writer, start getting serious about your writing; do a training course, read as much as you can and write as much as you can. Look for potential markets and follow every lead, then start submitting your work. If your dream is more a personal goal than a career choice, instead of thinking you’d never be able to do it, find out what it takes and start planning. For example, you want to embark on a true challenge and climb Everest, but you don’t do anything about it because you can’t face the thought of quitting the cigarettes. If you don’t make an effort to overcome that which is in your power to change, you will be left with regrets and what ifs. If the first step to conquering Everest is to quit smoking, put all your efforts into achieving this primary goal before worrying about all the other things that will come after.  Using vaping devices is a great way to quit smoking. Get in touch with a VapeShop for advice on quitting, make an appointment with your local doctor to see what help they can offer, and look for any methods that will help you quit. Once you’ve beaten the smoking, it will give you a confidence boost that will help you with the next stage.

Why people don’t and live to regret it

Sometimes people don’t pursue their dreams, and it’s often to do with a fear of failure. If you dream of performing to millions of adoring fans at the O2 arena, you can keep that dream alive until you’re old and grey, as long as you don’t do anything about it. Living in hope can seem more appealing than trying and failing. This is a flawed line of reasoning because, for one thing, you could succeed, and how great would that make you feel? And if you don’t, if you’ve tried your hardest there’s nothing to feel ashamed of. You could well find there is an alternate path that guides you to a dream (or a talent) you didn’t even know you had.

You’ll probably find that if you’re doing the right thing your odd sensations of discomfort will abate, and if you keep working hard at it you could make your dream a reality. Unless you try, you won’t know.

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