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Treat your Pet in April's Pet month


We are a nation of pet lovers, so, what better feeling is there than treating your beloved pet! Whether it’s a new toy, treats or a new hutch we have the prize for you.

Courtesy of our friends at Pets at Home we are giving you the chance to win £50 worth of Pets at Home vouchers to pamper your pet just in time for National Pet Month in April.

Send us your pet name for your chance to win, and an explanation of why they are called...whatever it is...we'll choose the most inventive one to win.

The winner is Pasty the Tortoise who belongs to Liz Kinsella from Callington.


The shortlisted finalists were:

Our kittens name is Chewie. My husband and I got married in January, and he wanted to have a Star Wars themed wedding...was NEVER going to happen! So to make up for it I bought him a kitten and named her Chewie, after Chewbacca from Star Wars! Samantha Collins
Kitten named Toohey (pronounced Too-wee)

I got 2 beautiful burmese cross kittens at christmas time and although they were both girls I always knew that i would call one Darcy after Mr.Darcy in Pride and prejudice, as for the other one I knew i wanted an unusual name but almost everything myself and my partner tried just didn't suit. For the 1st month we referred to her as 'the other one' and the name was starting to stick so we decided that we had to find a new name for her and quick. It was my partners mother that eventually came up with the idea to abbreviate the name to T.O.O (The Other One) and add a 'hey' to the end. That's when the name Toohey was born. As soon as we called it out her ears pricked up and she looked straight at us with a look of approval. She definitely chose her own name!
Amanda Bowden
Nim-Rod: 1st day we rescued our little kitten he decided to pick a fight with the chair leg in the kitchen but instead ofattacking it he decided to run into it, head butting the wooden chair leg and the 1st word that came into my mind was "you nim-rod". Ever since he's been called that. Adrian Hennuyer
we have a lovely cat who we named pebbles the reason being our family surname is stones,,,,, pebble stones! laura morris(soon to be stones :))
Jagger - as in 'moves like' as it was all over the radio when we got him!! Kirsty Landragin
Beattie - she was a rescue dog who was famous on the television and in all the papers as she was found in a BT Phone Box in Roach hence the name BT.  She was found at 4 weeks old and is now a dear old lady of 11 Jacqueline Dutton
joop, it was originally spelt juep, as his previous owners were dutch, so i changed the spelling so he is now a huge great dane named after the perfume and aftershave,and just like joop he is expensive but very classy, only wish he smelled as nice sometimes carol wilson
Eddie lizard as he's a bearded dragon and I really like Eddie izzard! Kayleigh Thompson
Our pet tortoise is called PASTY.

Our Doberman looked at our lunch, a pasty, and licked its lips, then looked at the tortoise on  the floor and licked its lips.  It didn't seem able to make its mind up.  From that day on the tortoise has been called PASTY, much to the delight of the Doberman.
Liz Kinsella
MAJIK and it stands for M = Martin my youngest son,A=Anne my name,J= jeremy my husband and eldest sons names,I = Idiot he he K = Kneebone family surname and we love him to bits Anne Kneebone
Rickie the dog, because my dad called micky and makes me laugh cuz when mum shouts she sounds like bianca from eastenders, when she shouts to the dog my dad thinks she shouting at him. Deanna Paull
I have 2 Jack Russells Called Lexi & Dexter - I wanted to call Dexter "Leo" but my young brother was adament he wanted to call him "Dexter" so we sat there and played rock, paper, scissors until i eventually lost the battle and my little brother won!...
Hence to say he has never let me live it down and we now have a beautiful Lexi & a handsome Dexter! Moral - Little Brothers Will ALWAYS Win! :)
Beth Pearce
Hi i have a 9 yr old jack russell we wanted something different nothing seemed to suit my daughter had a coat with toggle buttons onit and one was hanging off i said i would have to sew it back on and that was it lets call him toggle dont know of any other animals called toggle . denise stiles
Meg - short for Megabyte. When she was a pup with her needle teeth playful nips felt like a 1,000,000 bites Peter Gummow
our dog is called Sirius - we got him for the children not long after losing their Grandad, they wanted to name him after the stars as that is where Grandad now is so the chose Sirius as it is another name for the dog star and is the brightest in the sky katrina ryan

my son called her angel after he'd bought me a plaque saying if you don't believe in angels you hav'nt met my mum.
loveday musgrave

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