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Get your skin ready for the sun

A new study conducted by Ultrasun has revealed a dangerous attitude amongst Britain’s young people towards the sun and their skin and with summer quickly approaching this is the time to take notice. Results reveal that half of 18-24 year olds believe that looking tanned and skinny is more important than being healthy, with a further 70% stating that getting a tan is the part of a holiday that they enjoy the most. Whilst it’s essential for people to ensure they are protected from the beaming sun abroad, few Brits are aware it is just as important to wear sun-cream when in the UK.

Ultrasun are sun cream specialists dedicated to helping Brits ensure their skin is protected from the sun’s harm. The global company has created a range of products which only requires application once a day and delivers long lasting, high level protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Their products are free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making them especially suitable for children and sensitive skins.

To help raise awareness around the fact that skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer worldwide and the third largest killer amongst 18-30 year olds, Ultrasun are giving away a white leather toiletry bag full of an assortment of sun cream related products including a super sensitive high 30 sunblock and a high 30 SPF face block.

To find out more about Ultrasun products please visit http://www.ultrasun.co.uk/


The prize pack includes:

  • A white toiletry bag
  • Ultrasun Sports 20 - 125ml
  • Ultrasun Face 30 - 50ml
  • Ultrasun aftersun - 125ml
  • Ultrasun Family 30 - 100ml
  • Ultrasun Ultra Sensitive 50+ - 100ml

Congratulations to Angela Westbury from Wadebridge who wins the prize pack.

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