Slob to Hearthrob

Say hello to Wayne Paternotte from St.Ives - throughout this week, we've transformed him from a Slob, to a Heartthrob!

His partner Georgina nominated the almost 40 year-old Waiter from St Ives, because apparently he's lost his 'get-up and go'. As soon as he gets home from work, he lays on the sofa and doesn't do much else!

So, this week we gave him a makeover - and transformed him back into the man he used to be!


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Read Georgina's Nomination:

Wayne will be 40 in June and needs a pick-me-up! Our son is two in April and since we've had him he's put on a bit of weight. It doesn't bother me but upsets him a bit.

He picks his toe nails which does bother me! He needs his nose hair trimmed and his feet filed. His teeth could do with whitening.. maybe a facial and a 'just for men' hair dye to cover the greys!!

Wayne deserves a makeover because he is doing a great job working hard and studying hard to make a better life for his family.

Wayne is a waiter at the Chy an Albany hotel. He did have two jobs working at the Tate aswell but it got to much.

He likes to smoke and drink like an old man! He enjoys nothing more then sitting on the sofa when he gets home while I cook dinner and run around after our little one! He also attends college on a Tuesday evening studying welding.

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