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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!

What can you win?: An Adaptil Dog Collar PLUS Love2Shop vouchers 
How?: Answer the question below before midnight on Sunday 6 October 2013

Everyone believes the biggest thing we forget about fireworks night is the connection with Guy Fawkes, but how about not forgetting your beloved dogs this firework season either.

While you’re outside enjoying the rockets and sparklers, your dog will be inside feeling vulnerable and stressed. So get prepared this year with Adaptil and make it a happier experience for man’s best friend!

Using Adaptil can help dogs cope with loud noises and stressful situations like firework displays. These loud noises can cause considerable distress with dogs hearing being 10x more acute than humans! So be prepared this year, use an Adaptil plug in diffuser or collar to help keep your dog calm and content!

To help your dog feel safe this year provide a den they can escape to, distract them with toys and treats and remember to walk them during the day - before it gets dark!

For further advice and information on where to purchase Adaptil, go online to or speak to your local veterinary practice. 




For your chance to win an Adaptil Collar PLUS Love2Shop vouchers, simply answer the following question: 


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Tradtionally, what date is Guy Fawkes night celebrated?

5th October

5th November

5th December

The competition is now closed!

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